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Rakta Shuddhi-100GM (M/S Vaidya)

Rakta Shuddhi-100GM (M/S Vaidya)

Colour Blue
Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Rakta Shuddhi-100gm

M/S VAIDYA'S RAKTA SHUDDHI is one of the best blood purifiers in India. It is a proven fact now that most of the diseases are caused due to the impurities prevalent in our blood. Blood impurity is the sole cause all our embarrassments and worries. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, RAKTA SHUDDHI is the best solution for your problem. Pimples bring a lot of embarrassment in our teenage days. The full face gets dotted with red bumps and you want to hide in the some corner of the earth where no one can see you. Going to parties, taking part in programs, going on a date, everything just gets spoilt and you want to shut yourself inside the house. Boys and girls try many things, ointments, herbal face packs, tablets and what not but with zero result. On the contrary, RAKTA SHUDDHI deals with the root cause of the problem. It purifies the blood and clears the very reason of pimples. Once your blood is purified, the bad bacteria present in the blood would reduce. As a result the Pimples would subside giving you a clean and clear face. Another common problem is Constipation or the gastrointestinal problems. The modern lifestyle has enriched our life in many ways but it has also had bad effects on our health.

Eating Habits and Impact on Skin

Our eating habits and undisciplined lifestyle has given way to many problems. Instead of nourishing meals, we have become dependent on fast foods and carbohydrate drinks which have been the carrier of impurities in our blood. As a result every second person is down with Constipation. RAKTA SHUDDHI purifies the blood of all bad bacteria and revitalizes the body. It regulates motions and relaxes the body. So buy RAKTA SHUDDHI and get rid of all skin problems and gastrointestinal problems. Just add RAKTA SHUDDHI to your cart and be free of all diseases.

Product Details
Model Number Dn-2561
Colour Blue
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Rakta Shuddhi capsules, capsules, Rakta Shuddhi, ms vaidya, ayurvedic products

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