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Ramayana - The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince - Book 1

Ramayana - The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince - Book 1

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Language English
Contributor(s) Shubha Vilas
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Ramayana - The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince - Book 1

About the Book: Rise of the Sun Prince Epics like the Ramayana have been recounted infinite times. Is there a need for another chronicle in the presence of so many? How is this one different? And is it relevant to our ever-changing modern lives? Yes, there is a need; yes, this is different; and yes, it is most relevant! This new series of books, each following one khand of the Ramayana, decodes the eternal wisdom of that poetic scripture through gripping narrative and thought-provoking instruction. In the time-honored custom of spreading wisdom through tales, every fascinating story in the epic is retold here and every character unfolded to captivate your heart and open your mind to lifes deepest questions. The narrative closely follows Valmikis Ramayana, gently weaving in folk tales as well as the beautiful analogies of the Kamba Ramayana. The first of this six-volume series, Rise of the Sun Prince, takes you through the divine story of Lord Rama from His birth up to His marriage. Through these pages are revealed the tales of Dasarathas leadership, Vishwamitras quest for power and the intriguing story of a little-known stone maiden. Ramayana: The Game of Life has all of this and much more - food for contemporary thought drawn from an enduring masterpiece. About the Author: Shubha Vilas Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with specialization in Patent Law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He also helps individuals deal with modern-life situations by applying the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and other dharmic traditions.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 15, 2013
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Contributor(s) Shubha Vilas
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st
Page Count 256
ISBN 10 8184955308
ISBN 13 9788184955309
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 1.4 cm x 21.6 cm
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     An Excellent Epic Saga Redefined 17 August, 2014 On

    Book Review: Rise Of The Sun Prince: Shubha Vilas: An Excellent Epic Saga Redefined

    Touching an Epic Masterpiece that has already established its deep roots in every heart and mind for years, is really a hilarious job. On top of it when you touch it, you add more significance to it, more value to it and make it more meaningful for the current generations. Shubha Vilas has done a wonderful job in taking an uphill task of rewriting the great Indian Epic Masterpiece Ramayana and the first book Ramayana: The Game of Life: Rise Of The Sun Prince Book 1 is out for the modern readers to read Ramayana in a context where they don't lose the originality of the story but in addition keep knowing the in depth meaning of each and every action & activity that happened in Ramayana.

    The saga of Ramayana, as we all know was written by Valmiki in verses and the mammoth masterpiece contains over 24,000 verses, 640 chapters across 6 books. The current volume - Rise of the Sun Prince takes it readers through the birth (and pre-birth) era of Rama to the marriage of Lord Rama with Sita. As we all know that Ramayana is a beautifully written saga of Prince Rama, son of Dashratha, the king of Ayodhaya. The book tells the purpose of Ramayana in a very simplified manner. Saint Valmiki was looking for a great hero, greatest of all, to write about him and present it to world to follow. When Valmiki asked Narada about who is the best hero among all, Valmiki further elaborated his question on the description of who a hero is - the one who is full of qualities, bearing the best behavior, bravest and daring, truthful and so on. Narada took some time to let it be known to Rishi Valmiki that it is none other than Lord Rama who can be put forth as an example to the world to follow as an ideal.

    Rishi Bhardwaj knew that if the saga of Rama is to be told to the world, it can be written in the best way by none other than Valmiki. It was important to make Valmiki realize about his potential to write such a huge saga masterpiece in such a manner that at no point of time it loses its beauty and connect. So through an incident with a hunter, Valmiki got to know about his potential of presenting the things in verses style. And thus Valmiki was convinced about writing Ramayana. Once Ramayana was finished by Valmiki, he had to find out the best of the narrators to spread the word around.

    Sita, along with Lov and Kush was living with Valmiki during that period and it took no time for Valmiki to identify Lov and Kush as the best narrators to travel all across and sing the verses of Ramayana to general public so as to know about the brave deeds and extreme character of Rama. The epic was sung in such a beautiful manner that the words of the praises of Lov and Kush reached the kingdom of Ayodhya. Lord Rama invited Lov and Kush to visit the kingdom and sing Ramayana among all present there. Both sides were not aware about their relationship though Rama knew that the epic hero being sung is none other than him but he never let others realize.

    Shubha Vilas has done a wonderful job in presenting Ramayana: The Game of Life: Rise Of The Sun Prince Book 1 in such an interesting manner that the reader not only stays engaged to the story but get an altogether different insightful meaning of the story, book, characters and the purpose behind it.

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