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Ramson Portable Lapdesk - Ben 10
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Ramson Portable Lapdesk - Ben 10

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Product Description

If you have been searching for a lap desk to gift your little ones, look no further. This portable lap desk is exactly what you are looking for. Its convenient size, comfortable cushion base and colourful design are some of the reasons for us saying so. The lap desk also has a square holder for pencils, pens, crayons or even snacks. The lightweight desk can be used at home or while travelling. Its soft padded bottom will ensure you don't get tired while using it. The lightweight plastic helps ensure that your thighs don't tire because of unnecessary weight. You can use it to keep your little engaged and studying anywhere, anytime.

It will give your little angels a sense of responsibility and pride. It can also double up as a snack table and as a laptop base (in case you yourself decide to use it). Its compact size ensures that it won't become a storage headache and can be kept safely in one corner of the room until required. It's perfectly suited for rooms where you can't keep a table and also, for kids who are too restless to sit on conventional desks. Currently it's available in two designs. One of the designs features Barbie and the other Ben 10. These characters will make sure your little ones don't tire of studying and will provide additional incentive for them to use this lap desk.

About the Brand :

RAMSON - An Impressive Past & A Promising Future. The company started in 1970 by setting up a manufacturing unit for high quality 100% stainless steel utensils. Since the start the company has focused on quality improvement and has rapidly expanded its product line. Ramson sells goods both in the Indian and International market and ensures that every product is of the highest quality. By staying true to its core values and continuously improving the quality of goods produced, the company has managed to establish a good reputation. Presently, it holds licenses for the manufacture of ceramic tableware and plastic items such as Popcorn holders, Collapsible Bottles, Lapdesks etc. Their designs feature popular characters like Barbie, Spiderman, Ben 10 etc. They also manufacture Cook-N- Serve spoons, Utensils, Kitchen Gadgets, Cutlery, Gift sets, Souvenir, Hard Anodized Utensils. Etc.

It is often said that good brands are known by their quality rather than their publicity.

For some products, the name of the brand is enough in itself to attract potential customers to cause a marketing success phenomenon, and this is one such useful product. This is a multi purpose product catering to suit a multitude of needs. This is what makes it a must have fore every home! [especially having kids]. Ramson has been the hallmark of consistency and 100% customer satisfaction for a number of decades now. Constant innovation and adaption to the dynamic needs of the market is the key to their long lasting stay at the top of the industry.

The product Ramson Portable Lapdesk has been prepared by the experts and the specialized staff of Ramson, under impeccable professional working conditions. It has been tested to work flawlessly under duress and all such dire conditions to give you the most wholesome end user experience. The Ramson customer care will always be at your disposal, only a button click or a phone call away, catering to your needs 24 by 7, for 365 days a year. Buy this lapdesk for your loved ones and see their eyes go wide with admiration. It will help you organize their work desk and teach them the skills needed to succeed in life. Good deals are hard to come by, so don't miss this golden opportunity. You can buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price. Don't forget to review and recommend this product to your peers too.

Product Features

  • Good portable design workspace
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  1.  just not worth your money 13 August, 2013 On
    I was looking for a lapdesk for my four year old. I came across ramson lapdesk and according to the product description found it quite suitable for a four year old with the cushioning and all. But hold! I was very disappointed when the product arrived.
    It had no legs/stand. Something that should have been mentioned in the product description. The image is misleading too. There is no square holder for pencil and crayons but just a cut to keep pencil and a cup holding space of the kinds we see in trays. The quality of the cushion is very poor. The finishing of the product is pathetic. The cushion came off in two hours. Had to glue it back with feviquick. Finishing at the edges is not up to the mark as well. Over all not worth the money you put in. Just to spare myself the trouble of returning the product I keep it. But will definitly not recommend it to anyone.
    A product that needs a lot of improvement.
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