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Stone anklets
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Stone anklets

Brand Rang Barse
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Stone anklets

Golden anklets with embellished stones

These gold plated anklet made of base metal and firmly held stones is an extremely attractive piece of accessory. The anklet size Is adjustable as per the size of the ankle. Hence, it can be worn by all women, irrespective of the ankle size. The material is soft and gentle making wearing of these anklets comfortable. There are no sharp edges as they may lead to scratches on the skin. All edges have been smoothened out by precision and craft skills of the artists behind making this. The stones are held tightly and there is no possibility of them falling off despite repeated usage. The gold colour will never come out keeping the shine and beauty of the anklets intact. Stable gold color coating also protects the anklet from getting spoilt due to air, moisturize or chemicals. There are no possibilities of corrosion or development of cracks.

The base metal used is of ultra high purity and free from any contaminants. It is laboratory tested before manufacturing. The designing process too is meticulously planned and executed to avoid any contamination due to foreign substances like air, dust, moisture, as these substances make the jewellery brittle and prone to corrosion. The measurements and placement of stones, thickness of gold covering and end filing of the anklet is done by highly skilled craftsmen and Is therefore 100% accurate and up to the standards. The gold coating satisfies all norms held up by the authorities and is extremely benevolent for delicate skin of females. They can be worn anytime and for any duration of time as they are gentle and safe. The design of these gold and stone anklets is subtle and sober, making it appropriate for formal as well as occasional events. The compliment women of every age group, styling preference and personality. They can be teamed with a pair of feminine flat footwear or stilettos. Their size can be adjusted by adding or removing loops hooked together.

They can be worn loosely or fitted depending upon one's ability. Either way, it is bound to enhance the grace of the lady, manifold. The shine and luster of the stones is incomparable. The design is a combination of modern and conventional making it perfectly complementing with sarees, jeans, leggings, skirts etc. The anklet set can also be stored safely in a soft cloth or cotton. The is no worry about its quality deterioration as even after storing for a very long time, it has been found to retain all its properties. The anklets are very gentle on the skin and don't cause any marks or scratches. This is due to the well groomed edges of the anklets, safe and hygienic gold covering and good quality stones. The positional arrangement is accurate and equal for every single stone.

All stones are held to the gold backbone with correct amount of contact with the gold hooks. The dimensions and weight of every stone is optimum. It's not too low so that anklet looks eye catching and appealing and stones are held stably. It's not too high so that wearer doesn't feel the heavy weight and stones are firmly held with correct amount of contact adhesion with gold backbone. This anklet set also makes a very special gift as its design is admired by everyone due to its sheer elegance and charm.

When it comes to clothing, footwear, apparels, and the fashion industry in general, nothing is constant! Change is the name of the game! As they say, 'Evolution is the key to survival'. Brands need to transform and polish their norms time and time again i.e. adopting the latest fashion trends, considering the active international styles, ensuring maximum comfort and durability, and much much more. This is where this particular product enters the fray, as it has been manufactured keeping under consideration the fashion world of today. The brand aims to quench every customer's fashion thirst by keeping the quality standards as high as possible. And hence, gift yourself an impeccable sense of sophistication whilst optimizing your fashion quotient drastically.

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Product Details
Brand Rang Barse
Colour Name Gold
Metal Type Base Metal

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