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Rc Tots Mushroom Hut mural wallpaper for girls and boys room decor wallsticker

Rc Tots Mushroom Hut mural wallpaper for girls and boys room decor wallsticker

Brand Rc Tots
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Product Description

Do you want to revive the existing look of your little darling's bedroom? Then give one of the walls the touch of fairy tales with the Mushroom Hut Mural Wallsticker from the house of Rc Tots.

Material and design

The Rc Tots Mushroom Hut Mural Wallsticker is made of high quality embossed thick paper and has a glossy finish. The wallsticker has images of three large mushrooms with colourful tops in a beautiful backdrop of a green landscape. You have to order the sheet as per your requirement. You will receive four pieces of 12 sq m each. The dimension of each square meter is equal to 10.764 square feet.

Key highlights

Since the wall sticker decal is extra flat, it easily blends you're the surface of your wall.

The wall sticker is water proof and mould and moisture proof.

Its sound proof feature makes it ideal for the kid's room.

The wall sticker is easy to clean and does not require much effort.

Why should you go for this Wall Sticker Decal?

The Mushroom Hut Mural Wallsticker is an ideal way to spice up the look of your existing room. It gives you walls an interesting look. These are extremely easy to use and they can be applied on almost any kind of flat and smooth surface like paint, windows, glass, metal, mirrors, wood, plastic etc. Avoid pasting it on plaster, concrete surfaces or bumpy walls. These water-proof stickers are easily removable and can be easily used for walls decoration.  It can be used on the walls of your living room, kid's nursery, playroom, bedroom on the walls, closets, windows etc. You can use it on both girls' and boy's room. Since it is sound proof, it is ideal for your kid's room. Once you remove the wall sticker form the surface, it does not leave behind any marks of glue or its residue. So shop this Attractive Kid's Wallsticker from the online store today.

Usage Instructions  

Firstly match the design that you have received as they come in pieces. So you need to identify all the pieces before applying on the wall. Next rub the wall decal with the squeegee which is provided in the pack. Ensure that you paste the sticker properly with professional help. While pasting, avoid bubbling and wrinkles.

Making sure your wall stickers last longer

To make sure that the wall sticker lasts, you need to take care of certain things. The longevity of this sticker highly depends on the surface. If you are planning to apply wall decals, then ensure the paint has been given a smooth finish. Normally painted walls have a tendency to collect dust, air contaminants and grease. To get rid of all these particles, cleaning the surface is very important. If you apply wall stickers on the surface after sometime, the contaminants will affect its adhesive quality and the decal starts coming off. Wall stickers must be applied at the right temperature. If the temperature is too cold, its life shortens, when it is too hot you will find that it is just impossible to apply. The optimum temperature for applying wall decals is 18 to 25C.

Maintenance and care

Maintenance of the wall sticker decal is not that difficult. Since it is water-proof, you can easily clean it with a soft wet cloth. Do not expose to direct sunlight or moisture.

About the brand

Rc Tots manufactures trendy wall decals which can be easily used to beautify the existing walls of shop, office, restaurants. Their wall decades have digital graphics printed on self-adhesive vinyl. Decorating your wall with these exclusive wall stickers decal is a wonderful experience. All the images are digitally enlarged so that you get a better view when pasted on the wall. Their artists' carefully create designs that fit any theme. Their unlimited size, unique colour combination and design makes the wall decals a sought after product in today's world.

So buy this Colouful Wallsticker online and make your little one happy like never before.

Product Features

  • Custom-made.
  • Cost is for 1 square meter. Make orders according to your requirement.
  • Check description for details and calculation to order the wallpaper
  • Waterproof,Moisture-Proof,Mould-Proof,Sound-Absorbing. Embossed thick paper
  • 1 square meter :Length x Height is equal to 10.764 square feet.
Product Details
Manufacturer Imported
Manufacturer Part Number RCKMWP123001
Brand Rc Tots
Colour Name Mixed
Item Package Quantity 1

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