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Realflex Transition 3.0 White Running Shoes
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Realflex Transition 3.0 White Running Shoes

Brand Reebok
Colour White
Material Mesh
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Overview: Reebok White Men's Shoes

A pair of white coloured ‘Real Flex Transition 3.0â€TM running shoes for men from Reebok. The upper and the lining of these lace-ups are made from mesh, whereas the sole is made from rubber.

Features: Reebok White Men's Shoes

  • Closing : Lace-up
  • Shoe Care : Clean your shoes with mild cleaning foam & lukewarm water, and use a good quality brush to remove loose surface dirt. To remove stains use a shoe stain remover. If your shoes are wet after cleaning, let them air-dry in room temperature only and avoid exposure to direct sun.
  • Technology : REEFLEX
  • Tip shape : Round
Product Details
Brand Reebok
Colour White
Target Audience Men
Material Mesh
Sole Material Rubber

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  So far, the Best in Realflex Transition Series 30 August, 2013 On
    Bought these recently and am using it for 3 months now. So far, this shoe has proved its worth for every penny but there are few things to note before u decide on purchasing this.

    1. These are basically training and running shoes. So if you want something fancy which u can wear it with casuals when u go outside, think again and go for some flashy and cool designed shoes which is even cheaper compared to this. Not to blame the design of this shoe but just wanted to make sure that this Shoe is manufactured to perform when it is used for training at Gym and outside.

    2. Always measure and go for the correct fit. Its better to have a slight snuggy fit as these cushions will make u feel very relaxed even after hardcore trainings

    3. Excellent reflexes to jump and cross running exercises. The sensors in the sole of this shoe are of excellent quality and will never dissapoint you.

    4. If you are a user of a slightly broader shoe, where u will be very much used to have the broader part of your feet in a much relaxed manner having more space to move your feet inside the legs, this might be a bit tough to adapt as this has a narrow finish compared to other running shoes.

    5. Cushion quality inside is perfect. I almost got my calf muscle pain releived after switching to this shoe. it provides elevated support to the middle portion of the sole which is the key behind the calf muscle pain that you get when u run in a treadmill for more than a minute or two. This shoe helps a lot in that aspect.

    4. Shoe is ultra light weight. I did compare this to many other similar running and training shoes, this outran them in terms of weight. So light and so much flexible like u can turn it inside out

    5. Canvas quality looked very cheap in Transition 2.0 but it has improved in Transition 3.0. My old transition 2.0 had a canvas which detoriated after a year. This shoe doesnt even show a sign of it even after tough wear and tear which i have when we perform jump trainings on the gym.

    6. Dont expect this shoe to act like a spring. Many people get that feel after u see the commercials about realfex. Natural movement doesnt mean that this will support ur reflexes in a larger scale. This will definitely help to balance the force which u will exert when u do a sharp turn or adjust the speed drastically while running.

    7. This shoe performs exceptionally well when it is ground running compared to treadmill running. I am using this shoe for both treadmill and ground running where i am highly satisfied in both.

    In a nutshell, this shoe is an excellent training shoe and a good running shoe. Though its not fancy(not supposed to be), it is stylish in a way and is different to the shoes that you normally wear for sports. Natural movement simulation is very tough in normal shoes because of the rigidness it offers when it comes to turning and bending. This shoe addresses all those exceptionaly well and u will be surprised by it.

    I have seen reviews about this shoe on the fact that you will lose balance if you dont adapt but i would not accept to that. Every shoe user has to adapt to the fact that the free leg movement - natural movement is a new technology all together. This shoe may be a bit different when u wear for the first time but beleive me, after 1 week usage, u will never feel like removing it.

    If you are a regular gym goer or a runner, this is one of the best available shoes in the market. Thanks and happy running and training :)
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