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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette in Creamy Vanilla Flavour
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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette in Creamy Vanilla Flavour

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Overview: Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette In Creamy Vanilla Flavour

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Creamy Vanilla Flavour

When it comes to electronic cigarettes Litejoy is the premium name. Quality electronic cigarettes that would assure you ecstasy are a trademark of Litejoy. And we bring to you a rechargeable electronic cigarette which is creamy vanilla flavored. Their products provide an authentic smoking experience, satisfying the nicotine craving. But it is healthy and pollution free because it is free of tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide or other harmful chemicals. Thus it is a much healthier option when it comes to smoking. Nicotine and tobacco in cigarettes can cause cancer, tumor and many other deadly health disorders. Still one needs a smoke at times. This is when this electronic cigarette comes as a solution. It is a healthier alternative to smoking. Another problem of cigarettes is the danger of passive smoking. You cause more damage to a person who sits with you in the same the room than yourself when you are smoking. A child might end up a cancer patient not because he/she smokes but because of the exposure cigarette smoke of his/her parents. This is the reason why government has banned smoking in public places. By smoking cigarettes you are risking the health and life of not just yours but also the people who care about you. But Litejoy offers you a better alternative. Litejoy electronic cigarettes produce no unpleasant odors and it has no known passive smoking health risks. The popular flavors of Litejoy cigarettes are as follows; Classic Original, Light Original and Creamy Vanilla. Amongst these, Creamy Vanilla is a favourite for many users. Litejoy rechargeable electronic cigarettes are compatible with all of the flavored cartomizers. You can use this with any cartomiser you have. Litejoy rechargeable electronic cigarettes are partially charged when you buy them. So you can start smoking once you open the packets. Just connect the two pieces in the packet and you can start smoking. Litejoy rechargeable electronic cigarettes comes with cartomisers. You can recharge after the charge is out. Each cartomiser provides smokes equivalent to 40 conventional cigarettes. Are you addicted to smoking? Do you wish to quit yet find yourself incapable of quitting because the addiction has got to you? Rechargeable cigarettes may be the solution for you. Do you have a friend or relative who smokes and is almost an addict? Gift this to that person and you will find how they managed to quit their habit in no time. Litejoy rechargeable e cigarettes have a mild nicotine content of strength - 1.8% per ml Nicotine strength is 1.2 % per ml for classic version. The ingredients used are nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavors. It may contain nuts. A rechargeable smoke may cause you so much at the market. But at we bring you this product at amazingly low prices. So what are you waiting for. Get it before the offer is over. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number LJIR101
Brand LiteJoy
Model Number Creamy Vanilla
Colour Name Multicolor
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Batteries Included Yes

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