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The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Publisher Penguin UK
About the Book: The Red Pyramid The series grew out of a sequence of bedtime stories Riordaninvented for his son Haley -- who, at eight, had just beendiagnosed with learning disabilities. Although Haley was havingtrouble in school, he loved the Greek myths and asked his dad totell him some stories about the gods and heroes. Riordan ranthrough the standards from mythology, then began to invent newtales featuring some of the same characters and introducing abrave... Percy Jackson fought Greek Gods. Now the Gods of Egypt arewaking in the modern world... 'I guess it started the night our dadblew up the British museum...' Carter and Sadie Kane's dad is anEgyptologist with a secret plan that goes horribly wrong. Anexplosion shatters the ancient Rosetta stone and unleashes Set, theevil god of chaos... About The Author: Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a terrific YA series byformer middle school teacher and mystery writer Rick Riordan thatrevamps Greek mythology in a fun, fresh way kids find ... See more
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