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Xiaomi Redmi Note Kuboq Advanced TPU Back Case (Transparent) with Screen Protector
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Xiaomi Redmi Note Kuboq Advanced TPU Back Case (Transparent) with Screen Protector

Colour Black
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Product Description

Recently bought the newXiaomi Redmi? Want to protect your phone from unnecessary scratches and marks? Why not buy this stylish transparent cover from your phone? You can also gift a loved one this Xiaomi Redmi Note Kuboq Advanced TPU Back Case (Transparent) with Screen Protector& for his or her new Xiaomi Redmi phone and make your special someone jump with joy. It's hardy and retains the original look of the phone! Still not convinced?Let us have a more detailed look at this product so that you are absolutely convinced before buying this incredible product!

The Xiaomi Redmi Back Case with Screen Protector is stylishly designed and comes in a transparent colour. It is made up of an excellent TPU material. TPU is Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a class of polyurethane plastics. TPU products are generally elastic in nature, transparent and are not affected by oil, grease and abrasion. It is a hybrid material made up of silicon and hard plastic.  This will help you to take it in and out of your pocket or purse without attracting lint. The product weighs only 82 gm and its dimensions are 20.8 cm x 9.2 cm x 2.4 cm making this product extremely lightweight, therefore, it will not add any extra weight to your phone.  You can carry it around inside your pocket or purse with ease. The cover is soft and flexible and it fits around the phone like a glove. The Xiaomi Redmi  Back Case with Screen Protector is extremely durable and will last you a lifetime. The cover gives you an access to all the features of the phone; thus saving you the hassle of constantly having to remove the cover while charging the phone or taking a picture! The cover will also not come in the way while you are taking a picture, therefore you can take a clear picture with your loved one. You will not have any problem while accessing the 3.5 mm jack or the USB port. Thanks to the transparent colour of the cover, the phone retains its original look. The width of the cover is 0.6 mm making it extremely slim. A very trendy phone cover this transparent colour doesn't clash with any other colour and you can match it with your clothes all the time. TheXiaomi Redmi Back Case with Screen Protector will protect your phone from unwanted scratches especially from water and oil or any other damage that may eventually harm your phone in the long run. The cover is also dust resistant, thus the chances of your cover getting dirty is extremely rare. TheXiaomi Redmi Back Case with Screen Protector will give full protection to your Xiaomi Redmi. This brilliant phone cover is one in a million and it will not disappoint you. The cover comes with a screen protector therefore saving your screen from unnecessary scratch marks and abrasions. The phone cover comes in an exquisite package if you order it onlineOrder this phone online now and find it at your doorstep. You can also buy online Xiaomi Redmi Note Kuboq Advanced TPU Back Case (Transparent) with Screen Protector for a friend! You will not get a better product like this at such a low rate!

Key Highlights

TPU material



Extremely lightweight

Retains original look

Gives full protection to your device


To maintain the Xiaomi Redmi Back Case with Screen Protector make sure you clean the cover constantly. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the cover. Try to use a cleaning cloth that this product comes with. Always keep this cloth clean. Wash it regularly. Keep it away from children as they might break the case back cover. Try not to use a harsh detergent while cleaning as it might lead to fading. Also make sure you do not pull out the screen guard because you cannot use it for the second time. So what are you waiting for? Buy this low maintenance phone cover right now and you shall be more than satisfied. 

So why wait any longer? Purchase online Xiaomi Redmi Back Case with Screen Protector right now!! Shop online Xiaomi Redmi Note Kuboq Advanced TPU Back Case (Transparent) with Screen Protector from the comfort of your own house and get it delivered to address in a few days! No extra delivery charges. This is a brilliant product and very stylishly designed, so stylish that you can show off this cover and find your friends burn in jealousy!

Product Features

  • Light Weight & Durable
  • Full Protection Your Device
  • Easy to access Button Windos
Product Details
Manufacturer Memolimited
Manufacturer Part Number 515438
Brand Kuboq
Model Number Redmi Note
Colour Black

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