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Remove Dents with Dent Out & Scratches with Scratch Out (Combo Pack)

Remove Dents with Dent Out & Scratches with Scratch Out (Combo Pack)

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Product Description

Road accidents involving your car are not rare and they happen mostly because of irresponsible driving by others, even if you remain extra alert while driving. Go to a mechanic and they will ask for a few hundred rupees for the simplest denting and scratch removal jobs. The Dent Out and Scratch Out combo pack ensures that you don't have to look for a mechanic to remove dents and scratches in your car. This do-it-yourself kit can not only save your money but precious time as well.

This revolutionary product was first designed for the car mechanics. If you always wondered how your car mechanic found it easy to remove those dents and scratches from your car, the secret could lie in this combo pack. There are many car mechanics and car body shop garages where these products are used for removing dents and scratches of many types. They would charge you for the labour cost, but when you come to know about this revolutionary product, it will become apparent to you that the labour put in the work is nothing out of the ordinary. Even you can do the job. Your denting and scratch removal jobs can now be done at your home and without any hassle, if you have this product with you.

Dent Out comes with a wide range of tools that allow you to lift dents of small and medium sizes and remove them completely. The pack also contains glues for warmer and cooler weathers and a mini glue gun. You also get a finishing tool and a detailed instruction booklet on how exactly you should use this product. Scratch Out is a resin-based product that also contains a UV hardener. The resin is able to fill out the scratches and the hardener cures the scratches under natural sunlight. There is no sanding tool that you require because all you need is a bit of your time. Using the Dent Out and Scratch Out combo pack is extremely easy and there is no need for you to put in any hard labour. You can remove the dents and scratches in your car within minutes and at the end of the job, your car will look as spotless as it was when you bought it. Now, don't depend on any car mechanic because the Dent Out and Scratch Out combo pack gives you complete freedom to save money on these jobs.

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  1.  Price is OK 2 August, 2014 On
    Technology has to be improved. Number of glue sticks may be raised. Over all product is OK for the price you offered.
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