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Rhodium Plated Handsome Mens Ring
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Rhodium Plated Handsome Mens Ring

Brand Voylla
Colour Gold
Metal Type Metal Alloy
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Overview: Rhodium Plated Handsome Mens Ring

Thinking about a gift for your Knight or your dad or your brother? Here's Voylla presenting you with a magnificent rhodium plated ring for your special man. Love and affection can be truly bestowed with this ring on your man. Be it a date or an anniversary or a birthday or just a gesture of love, this is just an apt gift. A scintillating rhodium plated ring is all that a man will need to rev up his entire attire. Perfectly made for any fashion oriented man this can be worn on a daily basis as the rhodium plating prevents the ring from getting worn-out. You can shop online Handsome Rhodium Plated Ring for Men by Voylla and give your man a great surprise.

Product description

This classic rhodium plated ring is beautifully designed and well polished with a thin ring of gold colour that gives it a sophisticated look. All men can team this up with their daily outfit. This elegant ring is made of a rare silvery white chemically inert metal, rhodium. Rhodium is a fragile metal which comes from the platinum family. Perfectly made for any fashion oriented man this can be worn on a daily basis as the rhodium plating prevents the ring from getting worn-out. The ring is simply round with no extra curving on it. The thin golden band in the center gives the ring a more mature look. Since the ring is made in matt finish, it does glitter making it a perfect accessory for men.

Key features

Rhodium plated ring

Elegant styling

Free size

Classic silver and gold design

Style tips

Men can wear this ring practically at all time. Be it a formal day or a party night, this ring will add an extra fashion statement in you. This ring can also be worn on weddings as they look sophisticated and stunning but also fit into your budget.

Care and maintenance

Your rhodium plated ring will need a careful handling for ensuring longevity. Rhodium plating eventually fades and need to be re-plated. Yellowing of the rhodium plating is a sign to look out for as an indication for cleaning. The cleaning can be done at home with ease by following certain specifications. Firstly you need to soak the ring in a bowl of water mixed with mild soap. You need to soak the ring for about 10 minutes, but be careful not to overdo it. After soaking, rub the ring with your fingers to remove the dirt or makeup on the ring. It is recommended not to use toothbrush as it might have some residues of toothpaste which is harmful for the product. After the ring is thoroughly rubbed, wash the ring in lukewarm water and rinse carefully to remove the soap completely.

If you have hard water supply, be sure to use distilled or boiled water as the usage of hard water will leave water marks on the ring. After this, properly dry your ring. Use a soft cloth to dry the ring and leave it in open to sit and air dry overnight. Do not use any hard cloth to rub your ring. Chemicals should never be used on your ring. Sonic cleaning system should also not be used. These can damage the plating. You should always remember to remove the ring while bathing, or using any detergent or chemical. Remove the ring when using hand crème or perfume also. It is also very important to store your ring properly. Be careful to wrap your ring in a tissue before keeping it in your jewelry box as the tissue will protect the ring from being scratched.

Otherwise it will be best if you keep the ring in its box itself.

About the brand

Voylla is an e-retail platform which provides exclusive jewellery and accessories from highly talented Indian designers to the worldwide customers. Voylla is house to a vast array of accessories at attractive prices

The portal contains vast information about the variant products available so that the customers can make a proper decision regarding their purchase. The company keeps hunting for newer talents so they can forward better and innovative accessories to their customers. Voylla puts in extreme effort in building customer relationship and delivering enhanced customer experience and strive to make each customer interaction, browsing, ordering and on-time shipping, a comfortable experience for their customers. Voylla is a rich amalgam of business schools, fashion institutes, technology and e-retail companies resulting in focussed and talented team ensuring flawless operations and creating lifestyle experience for their customers.

You can buy Handsome Rhodium Plated Ring for Men by Voylla and enrich your accessory collection with elegance. 

Product Details
Manufacturer Voylla
Brand Voylla
Colour Gold
Metal Type Metal Alloy

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