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Rico Sordi Combo Of Men Wallet And Watch RSD5 WW
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Rico Sordi Combo Of Men Wallet And Watch RSD5 WW

Brand Rico Sordi
Material Leather
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Product Description

Watches are one of the few accessories that men can obsess over and choose carefully. Wallets are another example. After careful consideration, if you were to pick the Rico Sordi combo of wallet and watch, it is certainly proof of the care you took to make the choice.

The Rico Sordi watch has a black leatherette strap with the underside in brown and a stainless steel case. So there's no need to worry that your metallic case with the crown is going to rust in a few months. There will be no discoloration, so you will not have to search for the hint of the silver colour. The dial is neither too large nor too small for a men's watch and is also in black. The markings are in silver, with roman numerals for the number 3, 6, 9, and 12. The other numbers are simply indicated by two silver lines. For those of you who have trouble with telling the time this way, there's a small number behind these silver markings which indicates the number of minutes that each of the markings stand for. The minutes and the hour needle are in silver too, while the seconds' needle is in red. This looks attractive and at the same time ensures that you do not mix up the minutes and the seconds needles. The bezel is also in black, with a stainless steel outline. The cool thing about bezels is that they can act as timers or stopwatches depending on what you want to use them for. This bezel, like most, has one marking each for the first twenty minutes after which it has one marking for every five minutes.

When you want to time a race or anything else, simply set the zero marker opposite the minute needle. If the minute needle is at the fifth division or marking, then you know five minutes have passed. If you would use it as a countdown bezel, then set the number of minutes remaining against the minute needle. For example, if you have ten minutes left set the 50-marking opposite the minute needle. When the needle reaches the zero marking, it means that ten minutes have passed.

Along with this Rico Sordi watch comes a Rico Sordi wallet. The wallet is simple in design, which is what makes it elegant. It is completely in black and does not boast of any gaudy design or colour. It has two main compartments for your currency notes and four card holders.

This combo of watch and wallet certainly makes this a smart buy.

Product Details
Brand Rico Sordi
Model Number RSD5-WW
Colour Name Multicolour
Material Leather

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