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Rinnovare Green Floor Cleaner Mop with Soap dispenser (Plastic)

Rinnovare Green Floor Cleaner Mop with Soap dispenser (Plastic)

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Overview: Rinnovare Green Floor Cleaner Mop With Soap Dispenser

They say that 'Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it.' A clean house is not only healthy, it is always pleasing to come back home to something that is spank. One of the ways with which you can clean your floors effectively and easily is by using a mop. From the house of Rinnovare comes an amazing mop which is known to efficiently clean dirt and filth. The Rinnovare Green Floor Cleaner Mop with Soap dispenser (Plastic) is a one of a kind product which would help you in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness both at home and in workplace with ease. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Rinnovare Green Floor Cleaner Mop with Soap dispenser (Plastic) online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

A mop that helps you clean with ease

This mop has two components. The first is a soap dispenser. This looks like a bucket. The other and the main portion is the mop. The mop comprises of a long steel handle which discards chances of rusting even in areas predominated by moist climatic conditions. The base of the steel handle is featured with a circular brush having high quality strands which makes the cleaning process much easier. These strands are fixed to a circular disc at the base which rotates 360 degrees and cleans up even the places which are difficult to access. These mop heads can be easily machine washed and the kit brings in three such heads.

The soap dispenser also acts as a dehydration bucket. This bucket is made of high quality plastic and eliminates chances of corrosion. Two pair of wheels is provided at the base for moving it easily from one section of the floor to the other. After cleaning the floor area with the mop, you can dip the mop head inside the bucket and the water would automatically get drained out. The combination of these two units of this cleaning kit takes charge of tidying the floor of your home.

This mop is very easy to use. One just needs to hold the handle and direct the mop head on the floor from one corner to the other. The mop strands will hold on to dirt or water accumulated on the floor. After the wiping is done, the user just needs to insert the mop head in the soap dispenser where it would get cleaned up and be ready for reuse. Places in ones house like unreachable corners and the surface areas beneath cupboards, beds and refrigerators are very difficult to clean. With the help of this amazing mop, one can easily clean those places with ease.

Key Highlights

Brand: Rinnovare

Colour: Green

60 degree rotating mop head

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Brand Rinnovare

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