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Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo

Language English
Format DVD
DVD Regions Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
Actor(s) John Wayne, Dean Martin
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Product Description

Rio Bravo is the DVD of the Hollywood film titled the same name. It features actors John Wayne and Dean Martin. The film is directed by Howard Hawks. The film is in English and features English subtitles.

It's about the rugged John Wayne

The film features John Wayne. Usually John Wayne is portrayed as a tough guy but this film protrays his endearing and sensitive side. The way he deals with his friend's alcoholism and counsels him is a priceless movie fare. The rest of the cast matches up to the aura of John Wayne and essay stellar performances. The cranky Brennan is complemented by the charismatic but wounded Martin.

The sly Angie Dickinson is a contrast to the self-assured Ricky Nelson. Even though there is the narrative tension that prevails, the film exudes a cheer that is palpable. At no point does the film drag. The director has brought together a tight ensemble for this movie. This film is for John Wayne fans and non-fans; the latter would eventually become his fans after watching this film.

A cast that is a wealth of talent

This is one of those rare films that does not have a star-studded cast, but a talent-studded one. The tough sheriff role is essayed to perfection by John Wayne. He has to keep a prisoner in jail who is charged for murder. He is looking for the territory judge to carry on with the proceedings. Dean Martin is Wayne's deputy, struggling with drunkeness. This is a difficult role, but Martin excels in it. Wayne is in love with Angie Dickenson, who plays an emotionally challenged love interest of the sheriff. Walter Brennan is Wayne's deputy who is crippled in one leg. He excels in his role and provides enough comic relief. The director uses this cast to advantage. The end result is a memorable film that is a timeless classic. Order this movie online and watch these stellar performances.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Theatrical Release Date April 4, 1959
Format DVD
DVD Regions Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
Genre Western
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
Actor(s) John Wayne, Dean Martin
Director(s) Howard Hawks
No of Discs 1
Studio Warner Bros.

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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Wow! 21 November, 2012 On
    Rio Bravo gets into most people's Top 10 Western lists less for its slick action scenes, which are widely spaced, as for its atmosphere and characters which are as warm as toast.

    The Duke and his little band of helpers-alcoholic Dean Martin, crippled Walter Brennan and youthful Ricky Nelson - hold out in the town jail against the bad guys who want to rescue their murderous pal. As Sheriff John T. Chance, Wayne also manages to fall bashfully in love, but the real focus is on the jail-house which becomes a self-contained ideal little world best summarised in that marvelous sequence which sees our hero looking on happily while the rest of the gang get stuck into a sing song.
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