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Riona Mobile Charging Holder Mobihold for Mobiles, ipod, PDA, MP3

Riona Mobile Charging Holder Mobihold for Mobiles, ipod, PDA, MP3

Colour Black
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Product Description

Mobile phones are a basic necessity of our day to day lives. Today, the majority of working professionals stay glued to their phones for almost the entire day, therefore the phones running out of charge is a common issue. Though we generally carry our charger along, it doesn't always become possible to charge the phones due to lack of a secured platform. Keeping this basic problem in mind, Riona has brought you the Mobihold Black Wall Mobile Phone Holder to make your charging process more convenient.


The Riona Mobihold Black Wall Mobile Phone Holder is made of high grade Fire Resistant Polycarbonate. This 'L' shaped product comes in a black colour. The standing portion has three openings that allow you to insert the plug of the charger while the base lets you place the mobile phone conveniently. The dimensions of the holder are 10 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm. The foldable holder has the model name etched near the hinge portion. The 10x5 cm tray has an anti-slip base.

Key highlights

The mobile phone charger is made of high grade Fire Resistant Polycarbonate that makes it extremely durable and safe.

It comes with an inbuilt cable manager that lets you keep the cable organised.

The base has an anti-slip base pad that provides the required grip and prevents your device from falling off.

This foldable, light weight and compact travel charging base is extremely useful for the regular travellers.

It can be used to charge not only your mobile phones but also iPod, MP3 player, PDA and other portable devices.

The product comes with a 1-month warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects

In the box

The pack includes the mobile phone holder along with a loose socket pin.


The Mobihold Black Wall Mobile Phone Holder is made from high grade Fire Resistant Polycarbonate, therefore it meets safety standards. It has been designed to fit almost all shapes and sizes of chargers. The product is very easy to use you just need a plug point from where you can hang it and conveniently charge your device. This cradle acts as an instant charging station anywhere where there is a wall socket. The simple design and durable construction make sit very easy to use. It comes handy especially in situations where your device has run out of charge and somehow you have come across a charging point but there is not platform near by where you can place your device safely. Since it is foldable you can carry it easily in your backpack or purse. Even if you use it in your office since the product is hanging it keeps the workstation clutter-free. The in-built cable manager keeps the cable organised. The anti-slip pad ensures that your device does not fall off and get dmaged even if the holder gets inclined. So shop this Mobile Phone Holder with Antislip Pad from the online store today and charge your portable devices without worries wherever you find any charging point.

Usage instruction

The Mobihold Black Wall Mobile Phone Holder is quite easy to use. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

Firstly plug in the pins of the charging adapter in the plug point.

Then fold the cord of the charger of your device around the body of the mobile charger and plug it in the charging point of the phone.

Then place your device on the tray of the holder.

If the connection is loose, especially in case of two pin chargers, insert the loose socket pin included in the pack.

About the brand

Riona Electronics, the brand that offers its customers 100% safe electronic devices to simplify their lives, is a prominent name in the global consumer electronics industry. The main aim of the brand is to make the life of its customers simple by offering them certain convenient products. Its products help you to raise the standard of your lifestyle with the help of carious innovative products like portable device accessories, modular chargers, reading lights, call waiting systems, FM based audio systems, car hands-free kits etc.

So if you are not finding a proper place to keep your mobile while charging it in hotels, offices, trains etc. buy this Purposeful Phone Holder online today.

Product Features

  • Save your device from falling.
  • Foldable, light weight & ultra compact travel charging base for avid travelers.
  • Inbuilt cable manager for for better cable organization.
  • Innovative Anti-Slip Base Pad provides unimaginable grip to your device.
  • Designed to fit almost all shapes and sizes of chargers
Product Details
Manufacturer Riona
Manufacturer Part Number MH-WS-BLK
Brand Riona
Model Number Mobihold
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Month Against Manufacturing Defects
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 10 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm

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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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