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Riona Mobile Holder/Stand/Hanger MHWS + Desk Stand + Cable Organizer + Scratch Guard Pads

Riona Mobile Holder/Stand/Hanger MHWS + Desk Stand + Cable Organizer + Scratch Guard Pads

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Colour Black
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Product Description

From the house of Riona, comes a new age Mobile Accessory Set which is used for supporting one's requirement in the field of mobile maintenance. This Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black consists of several sub parts in the like of a mobile hanger, a mobile desk stand, a mobile charger cable organizer and last but not the least a set of scratch guard pads. The mobile hanger helps the user to plug in the mobiles handset in charging mode and place the handset on the hanger. The hanger has provision to be fixed on the switch board itself which minimizes chances of tangling of wires and the handset getting misplaced. The desk stand allows you to place the phone in vertical position in a safe posture on the study table or the office desk. The inclusion of the cable organizer lets you assemble wind up the cable of the mobile charger when the full length of the cable is not required. This takes lesser place. There are also four scratch guard pads in this Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black which once fixed on the back of the mobile handset will let you keep it on any surface without the tension that the handset body might get exposed to cracks and scratches due to corrosion and friction with the surface on which it is placed. All the sub units of the Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black are made of high quality durable material and will enable you to use them for a pretty long time. Buy the Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black online now from the comfort of your home. Many brands have offered its excellence in the manufacturing, design and production of this Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black but no one has managed to compete with Riona, a good brand. Its recent launch of the amazing Riona Mobile Accessory Set has resulted in an explosion in the domain of electronics as far the domain of new age scientific appliances and mobile accessories are concerned. According to authentic business standards this Riona Mobile Accessory Set is one of the top sellers in the contemporary market of similar products and now you can even shop online for Riona Mobile Accessory Set from the comfort of your home and get the delivery of the product at your very doorstep within a matter of few working days. The popularity of the product has indeed thrown a stiff challenge on the very existence of competitive brands in contemporary times manufacturing and selling similar products. The provision of cash on delivery option can also be availed by you to make the transaction process more transparent and lucid and no hindrances and trust issues between you and the seller will ever pop up. Hurry and grab your edition now. Buy the Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black online, from your home and save time in shopping. Experience the difference yourself as you start using this awesome product.

Care and Maintenance:

Though this Riona Mobile Accessory Set Black is made of premium quality material, it is suggested to be on the safe side and take a bit of care to this sensational product. Along with this product comes a manufacturer's warranty. If any valid complaint is lodged against it within the given time period regarding its performance, it would get immediately replaced with a new model. For the purpose of brand authentication the brand logo is hallmarked on the body of the product. Do check out the originality of the product before buying it. In addition to this, the manufacturer suggests that you keep away the product from extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot. This is because it holds immense probability to hamper the longevity of the product and also might adversely affect the look of this new age sensation.

About the Brand:

Riona is popularly known all around the globe for its popularity in the arena of manufacturing and production of new age home improvement appliances, accessories and much more. From its inception in the arena it has slowly taken shape and its super performance has made it a gigantic figure in the similar domain. Riona stands as another name for trust as far the masses are concerned.

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Product Features

  • 4Pcs Value Combo Containing #Mobihold WS Mobile Holder #Mobihold A2 Desktop Mobile Holder #MobileFeet ScratchGuard Pads Set of 4 #CableWrap Cable Organizer
  • Mobihold - Mobile Holder Saves your device from Falling has Antislip Silicone Base Pad and an inbuilt Cable Manager suited to all shapes and size of chargers
  • CableWrap - Cable Organizer for your headphones, chargers and mouse cables
  • Mobihold A2 - Desktop Mobile Holder for your desk or bedside table increases your productivity and folds flat when not in use
  • MobileFeet - Scratchguard Feet for your mobile back panel acts as cushion for your mobile
Product Details
Manufacturer Riona
Manufacturer Part Number MH-WSB-C
Brand Riona
Model Number Mobihold WS Combo
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features Contains, Desktop Mobile Holder, Wall Mobile Hanger, MobileFeet Scratchguard Feet, CableWrap Cable Organizer
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 10 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm

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