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River City Clocks Quartz Cuckoo Clock - Painted Chalet with Dancers - Wesminster Chime or Cuckoo Sound - 7 Inches Tall - Model # 83-07QPT

River City Clocks Quartz Cuckoo Clock - Painted Chalet with Dancers - Wesminster Chime or Cuckoo Sound - 7 Inches Tall - Model # 83-07QPT

Brand River City Clocks
Model Number 83-07QPT
Colour Brown
Material wood
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Product Description

Do you often wonder how to decorate the living room of your new apartment? You are often unable to figure out a home décor item that is not only functional but also adds a lot to the style of your room. If your answer is yes, then you should look no further but try out this River City Clocks Wall Clock. The attractive design of this product is sure to make you spellbound.

Design & Material:

Made of fine quality durable alder wood, this wall clock is highly durable. This product features sturdy built so it will not break easily. Strict quality standards are maintained while designing this product so that it is safe to use. The skills of the craftsman can be understood by looking at the intricate design of this Cuckoo Clock. It is handmade and at the same time bright colours are used for designing this product so that it adds a lot to the overall style of the room.

It is multicolour and therefore, it goes with all kinds of interior designs, be it a modern setting or a traditional one. This stylish clock features a woman, a man and a saint bernard. When the pendulum swings back and forth, the dancers revolve on the turntable that is present just above the dial. This clock features a thatched roof, which lends the product a chic look. The dial of the clock is present just in the middle of the thatching with pendulum hanging below. This clock can be set in silent mode or it can be set to play the Westminster chime or Cuckoo Sound.

Interesting Features:

It is an analogue watch so you will find it easy and convenient to read the time. This analogue timepiece is ideal for a family where there are aged people. This German quartz clock helps the user to make the best use of this clock because it functions on two AA size batteries. These batteries will let the clock work for a long period of time. The dial comes in an excellent combination of black and white colours that complement the overall design of the Cuckoo Clock. The dial is further accompanied by stylish hour and minute hands that ensure readability. The hour markers come in an Arabic style that helps the kids to read the time with ease. The clock has a length of 7 Inches that will look great in any room. This River City Clocks product is light in weight and therefore, you will find it easy to install or shift it from one room to another.


This clock not only allows you to keep a track of time. It also features easy and clear readability. Kids or aged people, everyone will be able to read the time, whenever required. The pendulum produces loud sound so you will be able to get an idea about the time when there is a cuckoo or Westminster chiming. Above all, this acts as an excellent home décor item at home. It completes the entire look of your home. Your room might not have any stylish furniture this clock can add a lot to the style of the room.

This product finds its extensive purpose at office, home, apartments, flats, hotels, restaurants and PGs. It can be a beautiful wedding gift to a friend or a colleague. It can be presented to a sister or a cousin as a birthday or anniversary gift. You can also gift this wonderful clock to your parents or grandparents on any special occasion. If any of your friends or a relatives is shifting to a new apartment, this wall clock will be an excellent gift choice. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you want to renovate your own house or you are about to attend a friend's house warming party at their new apartment, opting for this wall clock is a great idea. You can now buy River City Clocks Wall Clock online.


If you want to maintain the longevity of this wall clock, then you should take proper care of this product. It should be cleaned on a regular purpose by using a soft cotton cloth or a brush with soft bristle. Try to keep this product away from water and heat, if you want to use this product for years to come.

Key Highlights:

Made of alder wood

It is hand-made

Pendulum swings back and forth

Westminster chiming or cuckoo sound

Arabia hour markers

German Quartz movement

Analogue style

Product Features

  • Two chiming options: Westminster Chime or cuckoo
  • Pendulum swings back and forth
  • Hand-made in the Black Forest of Germany
  • Made of alder wood
  • Two year warranty included
Product Details
Manufacturer River City Clocks
Brand River City Clocks
Model Number 83-07QPT
Colour Brown
Material wood
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Two year limited warranty covering workmanship and manufacturers defects.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.8 kg
Product Dimensions 19.1 cm x 10.9 cm x 17.8 cm

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