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Robotic Lawn Mower : RoboNicklaus 2.0

Robotic Lawn Mower : RoboNicklaus 2.0

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Product Description

Milagrow RoboNicklaus 2.0 - India's 1st & Most Powerful Lawn Robot. Its is equipped with Robotic 6th Sense, Robotic Pressure Sensor,Robotic Bumper sensor,Robotic Touch sensor,Robotic Rain Sensor,Robotic Lift sensor,Robotic Tilt sensor,Robotic Electronic Compass,Robotic Overload Protect,Robotic Subarea setting. Robotic Scheduling,Robotic Mowing Pattern, Robotic Artifical Intelligence Lawn Test, Robotic Auto Recharge,Robotic Self Diagnosis and Call for help,Negotiates upto 30 degree inclines,4 cutting blades, 2-5 to 6 cm adjustable cutting height,Anti Theft. Zero emissions,Remote controllable, Multi Langauge LED Control Panel and Display,Rain proof functionality.

Product Features

  • Sub Area Selection:You can select upto 3 Subareas for the mower to cut. This works well for large lawns. This function should be used together with auto scheduling. You can schedule upto 3 subareas on the same day, day after day and week after week.
  • Working capacity:2600 Sq m or 0.64 Acre or 28000 Sq Ft, +/-20;Coverage Area (on single charge):800 Sq m or 0.2 Acre or 8600 Sq Ft, +/-20;Cutting Speed (meters/min):35 m/min or 2.1 km/h
  • Robotic Scheduling: You can select not only a particular time each day but also select a upto 3 sub areas on specific times on a single day. Set up one week (From Monday to Sunday, once for each day) cutting schedule from control panel;Robotic Auto Recharge: When the robotic mower senses a low battery situation, it will shut off the cutting motor and search for the virtual wire. Once found, it will follow the virtual wire to the charging station for recharge on its own. Make sure that there is no obstruction in the front and on either side of the charging station for upt 2.5 meters. Once the charging is complete, the lawn robot will back up a few centimeters and standby for next round of mowing
  • Robotic Lift Sensor :both front and the two sides of mower are equipped with bump sensors which will get activated when the mower strikes any solid or a fixed object. The object should be at least 6cm in vertical height from the supporting surface of the mower. When the bump sensor is activated, the mower will stop movement in that direction and reverse itself away from the obstacle.Robotic Rain Sensor :There are two rain sensors located on the control panel at top cover of mower. The mower will go back to the charging station automatically when it's raining. Rain sensors can be selected ON/OFF from control panel. Turn on: The mower will go back home if it is raining. Turn off: the mower will keep mowing even when it is raining.
  • Robotic Auto Intelligence :All Milagrow Lawn Robots are equipped with artificial intelligence. Of course you can control them manually too. In Robitic Auto mode, the lawn mowing robots select cutting mode by using their intelligence. There are two cutting modes, going straight and going in spiral circles (high efficiency). They go straight if the grass is sparse or it has been cut off, and they go in circles if the grass is dense or long. In manual mode, the Milagrow Robots will just go where you direct them.
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number RoboNicklaus 2.0
Brand Milagrow
Model Number RLM- S520(Lithium)-RoboNicklaus-S
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  Awesome 28 April, 2015 On
    Love gardener at the hotel is history....must buy for any large establishment or a hotel or a housing society...I have been using it for 6 months, and no complains..we have it working at 4 am to 7 am and this completes all our lawns before the guest wake up.
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