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Romoss PH20-407-A 4000mAH Power Bank Charger for Tablet, Smartphone

Romoss PH20-407-A 4000mAH Power Bank Charger for Tablet, Smartphone

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Product Description

The craze and the need for latest gadgets are on the rise these days. There is a big range of electronic gadgets like tablets and phones in the market. Smartphone are so immensely used that often we hear people complaining about the battery back up problem. The more features a phone or a tablet has, the more battery you tend to finish by using it. Getting a charging point whenever you need can be a big challenge. People are always on the move so staying and waiting for the phone or tablet to charge can be a bit irritating. What better way than to get yourself a power bank and charge your gadgets whenever needed. In an emergency this device can be big life saver.


Romoss is well reputed in designing and creating world class energy saving devices. The power bank that it has come up with is an amazing one. Romoss PH20-401 Charger Bank for Tablets and Smartphone is a great device. It can be used anywhere and anytime. Romoss is a hi-tech brand that deals with quality products. The brand is known for its innovative products that are loved and preferred by customers all over the world. The products have been manufactured under the surveillance of high class experts. Durability is a great feature of the power banks that Romoss creates. The customer care and service that this brand provides is very good and hence, very convenient for the customers. This amazingly essential product, that is, the PH20-401 charger bank for tablets and smart phone Romoss PH20-401 4000mAH Power Bank Charger for Tablet and Smartphone is a definitely a must have item. It is available in markets as well as it can be bought online.


Romoss PH20-401 Power Bank Charger for Tablet and Smartphone is a very innovative product. It is that essential commodity which every Smartphone or a Tablet user should own. People are addicted to their smartphones. Everywhere you can see people busy on their own respective phones. Since these phones are continuously used their battery tends to die on a very fast pace. The battery of this power bank is excellent. It has a lithium battery with the capacity of 4000 mAh. It can easily charge your smartphone and tablet. It is sleek in design and very easy to carry. It is very portable and hence, is best for people who travel and are always on the go. It has a synchronous charging and also discharging feature. It is made with an intelligent IR charge adaptive technology. The power bank's  smart sleep function is also wonderful. The powerbank is comprised of PC+ABS alloy plastic structure. Another feature that is remarkable is is the intelligent multiple protection. Over all the power bank by Romoss is an ideal buy.


  • Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet and even with Laptop
  • INPUT: DC 5V 1A
  • OUTPUT: DC 5V 2.1V
  • An inbuilt torch is available
  • 6 months replacement warranty
  • Lithium battery with 4000 mAH capacity
  • BRAND: Romoss
  • COLOUR: White
  • MODEL NO: PH20-401


The sole purpose of owning a powerbank is to charge your phone or tablet at any given time when their battery tends to run out. It is very obvious that any electronic gadget will tend to react adversely to any liquid. The best way to keep it safe is to keep it away from any form of liquid, like water specially. The temperature is another important aspect that can affect any electronic gadget. Too much heat or humidity and to that matter even cold can damage the device. It is advisable to keep the product away from any shart objects that may damage the device.The power bank should be stored in a place with normal temperature. The power bank should be charged and discharged occasionally. It is highly recommended to keep the powerbank safe from any mechanical vibration. The powerbank should not be dropped from a height. It should not be pierced or opened without proper guidance. It is always advisable to keep it out of reach of small children. With Romoss power bank, one will never go out of power. You can always have your gadgets charged whenever needed. The power bank by Romoss is an exceptionally useful creation and a very durable product. It is definitely worth buying.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 8.9 cm x 2.1 cm x 4.9 cm

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