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Rosemarys Baby

Rosemarys Baby

Format Video CD
Actor(s) Mia Farrow, ralph Bellamy, ruth Gordon, victoria Vetri, sidney Blackmer, john Cassavetes, patsy Kelly
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Product Description

This is the first American film made by Polish director Roman Polanski and is also possibly the best horror film ever made. The movie is a brilliant adoption of Ira Levin's classic tale of gothic horror and as a matter of fact, the movies depth and strength of characterization is much better than the book. Ira Levin's classic tale of gothic horror and Mia Farrow's stunning performance in the movie makes it a truly must watch if you love watching horror movies.


The gothic movie is both creepy and eerie, and the main characters are newly-wed a young couple who move into a large and old rambling apartment. After Rosemary had a nightmare of making love with a beast, she believes herself to be impregnated by the beast and becomes paranoid and hysterical. Polanski deliberately presents the story with a lot of ambiguity and never allows the viewer to be certain whether Rosemary's experience is just fabricated, truly supernatural or nothing but imaginative hallucinations. The film ends with the mother taking care of the flesh and blood baby.

The big budget horror film which is now available online was nominated for two academy awards and Ruth Gordon won the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in the movie. According to many critics and experts with its concern for the presence of evil surroundings, this is one of the greatest horror films of all time and has also inspired a number of great horror movies. The two beast scenes, one in which Rosemary finds herself impregnated by the beast and the other in which she first realizes what she is impregnated with - are not only the two best scenes in this movie. It can be considered as among the all-time best horror scenes that one has ever seen on screen.

About the director

In Rosemary's Baby, Polanski uses no blood, gore or violence to bring in the horror but focuses on giving the viewer a psychological horror ride, and he certainly does it with astounding success. The film is truly a must watch, and you will find it available online now.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date June 12, 1968
Format Video CD
Genre Horror - ghosts & haunts, horror
Actor(s) Mia Farrow, ralph Bellamy, ruth Gordon, victoria Vetri, sidney Blackmer, john Cassavetes, patsy Kelly
Director(s) Roman Polanski
Producer(s) William Castle
No of Discs 2
Studio Reliance Home Video & Games

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     One time watch, probably 31 July, 2013 On
    Based on the psychological horror novel by the same name, the movie is gripping but unlike other horror movies. There are no special effects or mutated supernatural beings, so some might not even call it a horror movie. Set up in 1968 New York, viewers who prefer the "modern look" of a movie might not like it. Overall, watch it only if you have nothing better to do.
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