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Roti Maker And Dough Maker Combo

Roti Maker And Dough Maker Combo

Brand Eagle
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Overview: Roti Maker And Dough Maker Combo

With the technological growth on a massive scale, we have a variety of advanced appliances that make work a lot easier for us. Nowadays, it is not at all difficult to find the proper electronic device in the market that can save a lot of time and energy on your part. Are you facing regular trouble in preparing rotis, one of the staple food items that you cannot absolutely manage without? Then here is the ultimate solution to put an end to all your hassles. This Eagle Roti Maker Plus Dough Maker Combo is the ideal product that will meet your need and put an end to all your daily trouble. This combo pack consists of a fabulous dough maker and an equally valuable roti maker that will completely alter the way you carry on your regular chores. This combo pack comes from the popular house of Eagle and has been engineered with care to be of optimum use to you. You can prepare delicious rotis in an instant manner without taking up the regular hassles that it involves. So, go ahead and buy this exclusive product online to enjoy the maximum benefit. Shop for the Eagle Roti Maker Plus Dough Maker Combo pack online.

Amazing Features:

The Eagle Combo pack consists of a dough maker and a roti maker so that you have the complete solution to preparing a large number of rotis without the slightest of difficulty. You can prepare delicious and soft rotis by making use of this valuable combo pack. The makers involve simple and easy operations so that you can use them without any problem. You simply need to prepare the dough using the dough maker and then prepare small round balls from it. Put these inside the roti maker to get perfect and round rotis that will be highly impressive in terms of its taste in minutes. Moreover, the rotis have the perfect shape and will not at all be time consuming to prepare. With these makers, you can save a lot of energy and time that you used to invest earlier in your domestic work.

Both the dough maker and the roti maker have been engineered following the most advanced technology to be of maximum use to you. They will meet your daily needs in a fabulous fashion and bring that magic touch to your life. The dough maker has a convenient design so that you can make the dough without difficulty. The roti maker has a pair of heavy heating plates added to it that enables you to prepare rotis instantly. The non-stick surface of the maker prevents dough from sticking to them. There are the appropriate handles and knobs added for enabling convenient handling. There is a light indicator added through which you can understand whether the state of the power. The devices come in the classic steel shade that has a classy dimension to it. They have a sleek design and a compact build. The chrome polish employed in its making ensures that the products are long lasting. The premium quality raw material guarantees their durability. The modern designs make them look well-coordinated with the other kitchen appliances you own. They are also light in weight and therefore highly portable. The dimensions are such that they will not occupy a large amount of storage space and will fit in with absolute ease. So, get these well-built makers for your kitchen and make a valuable addition to your collection of appliances opting for the practical buy.


This Eagle Combo Pack serves a number of useful purposes and is a must have for almost every cook. Rotis are the staple in almost all the Indian meals. But the process involving their preparation can often be hectic as it involves a lot of time and energy on your part. In fact, often even after so much hassles, it is not possible to get the perfect shaped and tasty rotis for oneself. These makers make life much easier by offering you with hot and fluffy rotis in an instant. It involves the least of difficulty and is a delight to possess. You can easily prepare rotis in large numbers together at a go. It will also help people who need to stay out of station due to work or study related purposes. The appliances are portable and will not occupy much space in your luggage. They can also be used in hostels, hospitals and canteens where the demands are the maximum in minimum time. Moreover, using these devices makes it more hygienic. Working women will also find the makers to be blissful. So, buy this Roti Maker and receive compliments for your intuitive choice.

Maintenance Tips:

The fabulous combo pack comes from the house of Eagle. The brand delivers a wide variety of advanced products to you. You can be sure of the quality of this item that comes from their exclusive range. Therefore, with the high quality appliances in your possession, you need not worry about the durability of the items. However, you can follow these simple tips for your convenience in order to add further longevity to the devices. It is going to be quite easy to maintain the products. The materials ensure that they won't break easily. It is recommended that you immediately clean the dough maker with a piece of damp cloth or water to avoid any residue from remaining on the surface. Also, after preparing the rotis, you must wipe the surface with a piece of dry and clean cloth to keep it clean. The design is such that the makers can be handled in a fuss free manner. Simply stay careful not to drop them accidentally, although they are shock-proof. So, gift this fantastic combo pack to yourself and enjoy having delicious rotis with utmost ease.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Eagle

Manufacturer: Eagle

Colour: Steel

Material: Chrome Polish

Package Content: 1 Roti Maker and 1 Dough Maker

So, do not wait any longer. Order this exclusive set of useful appliances for your benefit today. You can own this with just a simple click of the mouse. Moreover, you can also present the pack to loved ones on special occasions and get appreciated for your smart choice. Buy the Eagle Roti Maker Plus Dough Maker Combo online. You can get this delivered to your doorstep with a click of the mouse. Order now. Hurry!

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Brand Eagle

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