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Angry Birds: Star Wars

Angry Birds: Star Wars

Manufacturer Rovio
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Overview: Angry Birds

Come aboard and tag along with the angry birds in their biggest adventure yet! Angry Birds became a sensation after its release in 2009. You will find almost everyone playing Angry Birds on their smartphones. Ever since the success of the first game in 2009, Rovio Entertainment has developed and released a series of Angry Birds games. This game is the latest addition to the franchise.

Synopsis and Overview

In a galaxy far, far away a group of rebel birds fought against a galactic army of Pigtroopers. The Imperial pigs have been defeated by the rebel birds. Meanwhile, the rebel spies have managed to steal a secret plan to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Pig Star. Now they have to race back to the rebel birds and deliver the plans. And they need your help. Participate in an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the amazing Star Wars universe. Take control of the lightsaber, use the force, and blast the Pigtroopers away from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star. Finally, engage in an epic battle with the Dark Lord of the Pigs-Darth Vader! Become a Jedi Master and rid the galaxy of the evil Pigtroopers.

Technical Detail

Angry Birds: Star Wars introduces new gameplay mechanics. Now you can make use of lightsabers, blasters and Jedi powers to defeat and destroy the Imperial pigs. You can level up your birds and unlock R2-D2 & C-3PO bonus levels. The game has more than 200 levels, and you can play the game in different locations such as Tatooine and the Pig Star. Earn stars by dodging Imperial pigs, Tusken Raider Pigs, laser turrets and the dark side to earn all three stars. If you are finding it difficult to pass a level, you can call the Mighty Falcon by earning stars and bring down destruction on the pigtroopers. The game also includes forty Dagobah Challenge levels with Jedi Master Yoda.

Overall, the Angry Birds Star Wars video game is a phenomenal game to own. You can shop online for the game, and you will receive it after the order is placed.

Main Features

More than 200 Levels

New Gameplay Mechanics

Level Up Your Birds

Secrets and Bonus R2-D2 & C-rPO Bonus Levels

Product Details
Manufacturer Rovio

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  1.  Best Angry Birds Game Yet! 5 February, 2013 On
    The gameplay is familiar Angry Birds - catapult birds to destroy all the pigs on a level, earning one, two or three stars depending how well you do it.

    Within the worlds, you segue smoothly between levels offering the two flavours of Angry Birds (Space and non-Space). For example, the Death Star world starts you in Space, then moves inside, then back out again for a final Death Star trench run.

    There are a number of other Star Wars additions. For example, a few levels into Tatooine, the red bird gets a light sabre, which you swing to destructive effect at any point during his flight by tapping the screen. He even has Luke Skywalker hair.

    Meanwhile, the yellow bird now shoots lasers - complete with authentic Star Wars sound effects - the black bird can use The Force to send objects shooting off with a tap, and there's a heavy Chewbacca bird to barrel through obstacles.

    The pigs? They dress as stormtroopers, Darth Vader and even get to hop in Tie-Fighters and fire lasers of their own.

    All this is more than just for show: it moves the Angry Birds gameplay on a notch, particularly when lasers are involved. Think thwacking laser beams with the light sabre in mid-air to hit hard-to-reach pigs, or dislodging laser-firing enemies so they end up shooting their own side.
    Angry Birds Star Wars is the best Angry Birds game yet, and the best Star Wars spin-off in a long time. It's going to be big, and deservedly so.
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