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Rusty: The Boy from the Hills

Rusty: The Boy from the Hills

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin India
Charming tales of the growing-up years from India's best-loved children's writer For several decades now, Ruskin Bond's inimitable stories about Rusty have enthralled and entertained children. Rusty is a quiet, imaginative and sensitive boy who lives in his grandparents' custody in pre-Independence Dehra Dun. Though he is not the adventurous sort himself, the strangest and most extraordinary things keep happening around him, and so the stories he has to tell are simply fascinating. The house in Dehra is full of strange creatures. Rusty has to deal with his grandfather's pet python, who looks into a mirror one day, falls in love with his own reflection, and subsequently spends its days curled up in a narcissistic haze with a dreamy look in its eyes. Also present is the ever-inventive Uncle Ken, who impersonates Hallam, a famous cricketer, in order to get a free lunch at a match, and saunters off after he gets out early. Soon after, visiting his father in wartime Java, Rusty narrowly ... See more
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