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SG iBall Cricket Ball

SG iBall Cricket Ball

Colour Red
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Overview: Sg Iball Cricket Ball

Cricket is one of the most watched sport in the world, and if you are in India, then it is a religion, a craze. Many Indian children grow up dreaming to emulate their favourite cricketers. If you live in India, irrespective of the city you reside in, you will always find a bunch of kids playing cricket on the street-lane or in the backyard. To help develop their bowling and batting skills, and nurture the sportsman inside each of them, the cricketing enthusiasts require the perfect piece of training equipment. The SG iBall Cricket Ball is the perfect ball for fast- bowlers and spinners to practice their trade. This ball has the perfect seam-finish that lets the bowler swing it in either direction. It also features an excellent grip allowing a spinner to ply his skill to the fullest. In the case of a batsman, it is necessary that you know the skills and tactics of how to control your bat-strokes and hit the ball in the direction you intended to. In order to help you practice your strokes and get a good grip of your bat, the 'SG iBall Cricket Ball' is of great help. This ball can be attached to a cord and used to practice all the different types of batting-strokes.

Physical Features

The 'SG iBall Cricket Ball' is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it bouncy while keeping a smooth and shiny surface. The ball comes with an attached cord which can be hung from a bar and used to practice stroke-play. The red colour of the ball also makes it distinct and easy to track while playing on the field or in an open surface.

Be A Better Batsman

'SG iBall Cricket Ball' enables you to improve your hand-and-eye coordination, and eventually master it. Since the ball is attached to a cord, after you hit the ball, it will come back to you from different angles. This helps you practice your wrist movements, batting skills and also to control the speed of the ball. With this equipment, you do not need any partner to practice your stroke-play. This ball can also be used as the perfect gift for the young ones in your family. This piece of equipment will help them cultivate their cricketing skills, even before they join any cricket club or training course. As the saying goes, "Practice makes a man perfect." So keep practicing with this 'SG iBall Cricket Ball' and improve your stroke-play, while innovating and incorporating new styles and tactics in your play. You never know such simple sessions of practice with this PVC ball might take you ahead and fulfil your dreams to be a famous cricket player. So, go and get it. You can order online for this product and get the practice started as soon as possible.

Product Details
Brand SG
Colour Red
Item Package Quantity 1

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     Not bad! 15 May, 2013 On
    The ball is built for a purpose, to train yourself to sight the ball well and practice your innovative strokes. If you want to equip yourself just to just contact the ball in your own way, this one gets the job done for youj. The material is synthetic and does not give you the effect of playing the regular cricket ball. The thing to notice is that, when you hit the ball, it takes the pace a bit more than the regular cricket ball and there starts your problem. If it was a regular cricket ball, then you can expect it to come back to you in line and regular pace. Don't expect it to behave like that. After a few strokes it starts going off the track due to the material and you may get a bit more annoyed. But I'd say you can take that as an advantage and start on your innovative strokes.

    All said and done, I'd not suggest the ball for beginners as they might lose their rhythm. Go for it if you have time to kill after your regular practice sessions.
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