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Format Video CD
Actor(s) Mallika Sherawat, akshay Khanna, ayesha Takia, aftab Shivdasani, suniel Shetty
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Product Description

If you plan to watch a typical and crazy Bollywood comedy, then Shaadi se Pehle is indeed the best fit. The movie which was released on the 6th of April though was declared as a box office failure, it did get some rare reviews for the plot and also for the performances by the cast. This Bollywood comedy was directed by Satish kaushik and was produced by the well-known and the most popular Subhash Ghai.

Many a people who watched the movie did enjoy the same as it has a comical humour but the critics stated that the comics used in the story line were too old and were used in many a movies earlier. The film also opened to full theatres and scored above average at the box office.

The Cast

The movie Shaadi se Pehle has some of the well-known names from the Bollywood industry. The film has Akshay Khanna, Sunil Shetty and Aftab Shivdasani playing the lead male roles as Ashish Khanna, Anna and Rohit Chopra respectively. The leading ladies in the movie are Ayesha Takia, who plays as Rani Bhalla and Mallika Sherawat as Sania.

The movie also has some veteran actors who played supporting roles like Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, and Gulshan Grover.

The Plot

The story of the movie revolves around the love life of the un-employed Ashish Khanna who falls in love at the very first sight with Rani Bhalla. Story unfolds when Ashish is introduced to Rani's parents who seem not so happy with the proposal, and Ashish does promise to find a job and get settled to marry the love of his life. How he gets into a job and does he has all he wants and how the story unfolds is to be seen on the screen.

This is a light hearted movie and is a must-watch for everyone who wants to spend some light and laughing moments with family and friends. Buy online the DVD of the movie.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2006
Format Video CD
Genre Comedy - romantic, comedy
Actor(s) Mallika Sherawat, akshay Khanna, ayesha Takia, aftab Shivdasani, suniel Shetty
Director(s) Satish Kaushik
Producer(s) Subhash Ghai
No of Discs 2

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  ~~Hypochondriacally Yours!!! 23 November, 2013 On
    Movie Review: Shaadi Se Pehle: ~~Hypochondriacally Yours!!!

    Views on performance of cast Surprisingly Mallika Sherawat has acted in this movie. Amazing. Something different from her routine style. Akshay Khanna as usual is struggling as he does in every movie since the beginning of his career. He works hard, there is no doubt about that but then he has his own limitations and is short of versatility and variations. He is young, but his face does not match with the roles he gets. Ayesha Takia looks good, she can smile, cry but acting???????????????, fine she could adjust because this was not a woman oriented movie. The main focus lies on Akshay Khanna who somehow managed the show. Boman Irani is a class in himself. He delivers his best everywhere and generates laughter. Suneil Shetty performed well and he does perform well in the movies where he is not in the lead role. Rajpal Yadav is getting stereotyped now. Every time same stuff and same style but still successful in delivering what he is supposed to. Anupam Kher gives you his best. He is a polished actor. He smudges well into the character that he has to live and leaves an impact everywhere, whether the role is little or more.

    Well, now views about the movie It is a full paisa vasool movie. You go light hearted, buy the ticket, take your seat, watch this movie, have some popcorns and cold drink during the interval during the movie also will do) have some laughter sprees and come out light hearted. No problems at all. Satish Kaushik has his own style of delivering his messages in the form of comedy even if it is a serious topic.

    Who should watch this movie If you are in any of the following categories – go and watch this movie. Categories are:
    1. if you love
    2. if you have not yet loved
    3. if you don’t know what is love
    4. if you know what love is
    5. if you give importance to laughter in life
    6. if you are too serious a person
    7. if you are married
    8. if you are a bachelor
    9. if you plan to be married
    10. if you plan to be bachelor
    11. if you are too health conscious
    12. if you are not health conscious
    13. if you care
    14. if you don’t care
    15. if you are none of the above.

    Message of this movie:

    1. Every person who loves, takes utmost care not to hurt those whom he / she loves. But if the relation in the formation is going to hurt his love then it is better to hurt and spoil / break the relationship.

    2. Don’t start another love story to avoid first one even if your intentions are Paak Saaf, you may invite problems 3. Don’t be too ignorant of your doctor, always overhear him, whenever he is talking over the phone to someone about any patient, and that too of a serious disease / illness, it is none other than you. Try getting into your doctor’s room when he is talking over the phone about a patient who is going to die in another year, be sure it is you.

    Cast and performance marks on a scale of 5 Ashish Khanna – Akshay Khanna 4/5.
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