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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
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Product Description

Who doesn't love to listen to endless music. Listening to music can be a hobby or as just a means of relaxing after a hard day's work. Whatever the reason might be, if you listen to some good quality music, you are sure to not be able to stop yourself from tapping a foot and enjoying it for few minutes at least. For instance, you get back home from your office and wish to listen to some uninterrupted soft music; the most relaxing event in such a situation is when your room fills with awesome quality music. Or, if you wish to spend a weekend partying with your friends at home, you would like to play some rock music to entertain all. To make this perfectly possible Skullcandy has come up with 2XL Bluetooth speakers that are sure to give you the best musical audio experience ever.

Product Description

Skullcandy 2XL Bluetooth Speakers are the latest fashion trendy speakers that have become the most loved accessory for all music lovers. It is a compact and extremely portable device that can be carried around very easily. It has been built with attractive blue and black color combinations. It serves to be the favorite accessory for all people fond of listening to music. So now whenever you wish to listen to nonstop music and make it entertaining for all around you as well, you are just short of having these awesome Bluetooth speakers. This enables you to listen to your favorite songs without having to wear your headphones or earphones. Many do not like to keep having their earphones on all the time, despite the fact that they love hearing music, so in such cases, these Bluetooth speakers can help you a great deal. You can even carry them with you when you go for long outdoor journeys. Also, if your luggage doesn't have the provision of letting you carry huge speakers, then these small to medium sized Bluetooth speakers can come to your rescue and for this you will not need to bother about carrying extra baggage.

Product Features

The Skullcandy 2XL Bluetooth Speakers are known to provide powerful audio quality features. It is capable of providing 2W of audio output with a signal to noise ratio of 82dB. It possesses a lithium ion battery which once completely charged can play nonstop music for as long as six hours continuously. Charging these Bluetooth speakers are simple as well. It is provided with a micro USB, so in order to begin charging, you will just need to put this micro USB into a charging port. Once charging has been turned on, it has a led indicator which lights up with a red color indicating that charging is currently in progress. In case you want to connect it without using the Bluetooth, then you can make use of the USB port that exists at the bottom side of the speakers. Since it has been built with the Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy music through the wireless mechanism no matter in which part of the room you are seated. This long range feature is one of the most advantageous features of this Bluetooth speaker. You can use these speakers with your mobile phone as well since it can sync up with it very easily the very first time. So when you are on the move, you can easily carry the mobile phone and the Bluetooth speakers in your hand bag. These Bluetooth speakers are capable of providing you a long range of around 10m, so even if your speaker is in your bag, you will be able to listen to clear music. Also, your device need not be plugged in as is the case with other music devices, thus enabling you to be trouble free with respect to usage of wires.

These Skullcandy 2XL Bluetooth Speakers are extremely lightweight, weighing just 200 grams and thus serves to be a great device for you to be able to carry it around easily. It is definitely a must have if you are a true music lover.

Product Features

  • Total Output of 2 W RMS
  • 1 Channel Configuration 6 hrs Battery Life
  • Lithium-ion Battery 82 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth v2.0
Product Details
Manufacturer Skullcandy
Brand Skullcandy
Model Number X7RGFZ-841
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm

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