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SRM 105 Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

SRM 105 Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

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Overview: Srm 105 Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

For people with hearing loss seeking discretion, the SRM Hearing Aid - Behind the Ear Code 105 is a good choice. It makes no compromise when it comes to quality, features or sound as it provides a maximum sound output of 130+-5 dB, total Harmonic Wave Distortion, which is under 3%, its sound gain is more than 50dB and its frequency range varies from 300 to 4000HZ. Hearing benefits have benefitted innumerable number of people across the world, helping them hear sounds that they have not heard previously, and helping them communicate more easily with friends and family. With this SRM hearing aid, you get precise sound and zero distortions. You could even conveniently carry it in your pocket or purse. It hooks to the top of your ear and its sound pipe fits inside your ear canal.

Lead and Active and Healthy Life with Hearing Aids

Today, there are a number of hearing aids in subtle and sleek designs that are adaptable to various noisy environments. It helps tackle the issues associated with untreated hearing loss including tension, fatigue and social stress. It provides overall better hearing and thus improves the quality of life. This SRM Hearing Aid can be used by people of all ages. It is recommended that you get it confirmed whether you have hearing loss through a hearing test at a certified hearing centre by a professionally trained audiologist. Based on that, you can decide on a hearing aid that works well for your situation. At Junglee, we understand that there is some level of anxiety associated with shopping online. We ensure that you make a comfortable and smooth purchase online by choosing products from a wide array of online merchants. We'll make your transition to online shopping very smooth, at the same time, we offer an option to shop at your local store as well.

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Manufacturer SRM
Brand SRM

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