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SSN 100% Hardcore Whey, Vanilla 10 lb

SSN 100% Hardcore Whey, Vanilla 10 lb

Flavour Strawberry
Product Weight 4.5 kg
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Overview: Ssn 100% Hardcore Whey, Vanilla 10 Lb

Supplement With Several Nutritional Benefits

The SSN 100% hardcore whey is a low carbohydrate and low fat protein supplement that is manufactured to cater to the needs of the health conscious. This low carb sports supplement is essentially vegetarian and comes with a lot of nutritional benefits. The sports supplement is made using a low temperature ultra-filtration process. This effectively isolates and concentrates important bioactives and removes fat carbohydrates. The SSN supplement helps in building a more efficient immune system and keeps your health in check by providing effective antic-catabolic support.

Enables Lean Muscle Tissue Growth

The Glutamine composition of the SSN vanilla flavour 100% hardcore whey fuels your immune system and maximizes protein synthesis, which results in proper lean muscle growth. The essential amino acids, BCAA reduces the amount of protein breakdown during exercise and facilitates the post exercise recovery process. This in turn boosts muscle tissue formation. Daily intake of whey protein is an effective way to ensure that muscle tissues are preserved through post workout recovery. This health supplement is ideal for body builders, athletes and physically active people.

Product Features

Brand: SSN

Form: Powder

Protein Blend supplement with BCAA amino acids and Glutamine

Made by using low temperature ultra-filtration process

Helps build muscle tissue and support post workout recovery

Isolates bioactives and removes carbohydrates from system

Anti-catabolic support

Helps build immune system


Product Details
Brand SSN
Flavour Strawberry
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.5 kg

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