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SSS Electronic Door Lock

SSS Electronic Door Lock

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Product Description

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Ensure the protection of your loved ones at home by getting the SSS electronic door lock for your doors. This lock comes with the Dual Cylinder Electronic Magnetic System via audio/video phones that can be used for electronically operating the wooden or iron doors of your home. You can also operate it manually. Sporting a sleek stainless steel body with a glossy nickel-plated finish, it looks simple yet striking. You can open the doors of your home without making much noise using it. This door lock is suitable for all types of doors.

Features Rain-Preventing Plate

Comprising double brass cylinders, a key and a latch, this SSS electronic door lock is a must-have for every home. Additionally, it can be easily installed without needing any external help. It can be installed on swinging doors that opens up to 90 degrees wide. You can either opt for the power option or manually use the keys for unlocking it. Equipped with a rain-preventing plate, it can withstand different weather conditions. Moreover, this door lock for video door phone will complement the overall appearance of your door.

Product Features

Brand: SSS

Type: Electronic door lock

Material: Stainless steel

Nickel plated finish

Suitable for: All door types

Dimensions: 148 x 107 x 107 mm

Comes with rain-preventing plate


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