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STAG Midi Table Tennis Table By Stag

STAG Midi Table Tennis Table By Stag

Model Number 109
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Overview: Stag Midi Table Tennis Table By Stag

Table Tennis is a popular game and inculcating this sport in your kids' daily lives can build their stamina and improve their flexibility. If your kids are interested to play this game, you need to purchase a sturdy table tennis table to help them train well. The traditional tables for this game might not be suitable for your kids to play with ease as it might be too high. Purchasing your table tennis table is a lifetime investment and if you are not careful about your choice, you may end up buying substandard tables. Now, you have many models of midi tables, exclusively for the children and these tables are offered from Stag. This brand is a popular international company and has been producing sports equipment for decades. The table tennis tables of this company have gained recognition from the International Table Tennis Federation and you can be very confident about the quality of the products offered by it. You will be very impressed with the Stag Midi Table Tennis Table By Stag, because of its quality and performance. The table has been designed with professionalism and you can ask the trainer to train your children, right away.

Design and Dimension

The dimension of this table tennis table is 2740 X 1525 X 760 mm and it comes with weather proof ability. The playing surface has been designed in a professional way and your kids may want to play on the table, for hours together without any strain. The painting has been done with the polyurethane anti-glare material and your kids need not strain their eyes even while playing at a well-lit area. Four side wheels have been designed for moving the midi tennis table. The tennis table is supported by the side stands and they are attached to the base of the table. The wheel size is 50 mm and 17 x 23 mm is the size of the frame. The net weight of this model midi table tennis table is 67Kg and the gross weight is about 76 Kg. The thickness of the top is 12mm, which strong enough to play the game, comfortably. The pre-assembled table tennis is available in ready to play condition. If you want to dismantle the table tennis table, you can do it in a jiffy. When you purchase this model table tennis table, you get one dozen of table tennis balls and two official table tennis bats free of cost. However, you have to select the model based on the age and height of your children. Stag has created these professional table tennis tables, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor sports events.

The Reliable Online Store To Purchase Your Midi Table To Play Table Tennis

When you are purchasing a sports equipment, you need to prefer the goods offered by top notch companies, which specialize in dealing with the international quality sports goods. Now, you can find best quality tables for table tennis at, which is a reliable online shop. If you are not satisfied with the performance, you can get back your money or you can opt for exchange. You need not to pay the freight charge, since the company offers free shipping for your table tennis midi tables.

Product Details
Manufacturer STAG
Brand Stag
Model Number 109
Colour Name Any
Item Package Quantity 1

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