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Lowest online price: 149
Brand MG
Model Number STC003
Material Steel
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Product Description

People all over the world have access to credit cards and visiting cards that have become a part of daily life. Credits cards and the like are so much in availability today that people have a bulk of them that they always use. Card holders have been much in demand ever since the availability of cards has been on the rise. Card holders have become very popular and designers have kept it in mind to manufacture various kinds of card holders in order to store their collection of cards that range from visiting cards, credit cards as well as business cards. At a time where cards are being used so much, it is necessary to use card holders that would help in keeping all your cards in place without losing them. If you are on the lookout for a card holder that would suit your purposes then this steel visiting card holder would be the ideal choice for you. You can buy this MG Steel Visiting Card Holder online. It is time to make your work life simpler and easier to keep track of.

Product Features:

This card holder by MG is a must have if you wish to own a holder that would be spacious enough to carry all your various kinds of cards. Featuring a classy design with a neat finish, this card holder is attractive to look and has a classy and attractive appeal. It has a silver metallic finish that adds elegance to the look of the card holder. The card holder has been made from steel that is stainless and would last you very long. The card holder is stainless steel and rust free, as a result of which it would not rust even if it comes in touch with moisture. It features a metallic clasp that holds the card holder in place with a safe locking facility. You can store your collection of credit cards, visiting cards and a number of cards that you have collected as the card holder has a large storage capacity. It can hold a number of cards. This steel card holder is your ultimate solution to storing all your cards in one place without having to search in various places for them.

Benefits of a Card Holder:

Card holders are a necessary item that one should own if they are dependent on cards such as visiting and credit cards whenever out of the house. They have the ability to store all your cards in one single place without facing the hassle of losing them and being able to find them all in one place, stacked neatly in order of preference. The stylish look of card holders also adds a classy look to your attire as stainless steel has an aura of class and elegance. Stainless steel is also durable and would last you long for years to come. Keep this card holder away from moisture if you wish to increase its durability by a large extent. With its number of benefits, card holders are very much in demand.

If you wish to keep your cards well stored and stacked in a neat manner and keep track of your professional contacts, then shop online for this MG Steel Visiting Card Holder today. Buy online. Order now. Hurry!

Product Features

  • Material: Steel
Product Details
Manufacturer M&G
Brand MG
Model Number STC003
Material Steel

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