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SUI 3 in 1 Solar Lantern with Mobile Charging, Emergency Light & FM Radio - Peach & Black

SUI 3 in 1 Solar Lantern with Mobile Charging, Emergency Light & FM Radio - Peach & Black

Brand SUI
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Product Description

No one, likes abrupt power cuts. One moment you are enjoying a nice evening with your family, and the very next moment, there is a total blackout. As your abode is engulfed in the darkness, you can�t help but feel disappointed. You don�t know when the power will return, and you can�t use your mobile phone or any other entertainment device. All you can do is light a candle and wait for the power to return. But thanks to the SUI 3-in-1 Solar Lantern, you can bid all these problems goodbye, and ensure that power cuts no longer mean darkness and boredom.

The SUI solar lantern can be used for three different applications at the same time. It uses a powerful bulb, which illuminates the surroundings, works as a portable mobile charger and also as an FM radio tuner. While you can use the light from the lantern to carry out your usual day to day chores and also read a book or magazine, the mobile charger is a boon, as it allows you to make calls, send messages and connect with the world, even when the battery is low. The lantern comes with multiple charging cords, and offers a lot of options for different mobile handsets.

Using the tactile FM radio on this 3-in-1 lantern, you can tune into your favourite radio stations and listen to latest track. So while you wait for the power to resume, you can be rest assured that you have a whole lot of fun jamming to some amazing music. The lantern also sports a smart control panel on the side, which lets you make changes as per your requirement.

The power-packed performance of this solar lantern from SUI is due to the high-quality design of the solar panel that is used to charge the battery. Since the solar panel does not need electricity, but the rays of the sun to charge, you also end up saving on the electricity bill. Also, the panel has an extra long cord attachment and provides longer hours of battery power.

This solar-powered lantern has a durable design and is a worthy investment if you power cuts are frequent in your area. It even sports a handle on the top, which facilitates easy transportation, and you can even hang it from a hook. The lantern sports an attractive design and being compact in size, can be stored anywhere in the house. So go on and shop online today for this lantern, which runs on solar power and helps battle the problems that are associated with power outage.

Product Details
Brand SUI
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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