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Metal Type White Gold Plated
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Product Description

There is nothing more in the world that women love more than diamonds. And diamond jewellery are every woman's weakness. The love for shiny crystals among women is such that due to the rarity of expensive stones such as diamonds, artificial stones that offer the same shine and beauty have been created. One such creation is the American Diamond. American Diamonds offer such beauty and clarity that they are as good as diamonds. They are used in a variety of ornaments such as rings, necklaces and earrings etc. They are extremely popular among women of all age. Whether young or old, fashionable or traditional, American diamonds find a place for themselves in every girl's jewellery box. If you are someone who has always fancied diamonds but haven't been able to get yourself one because of the huge costs, do not worry. You can buy yourself jewellery as stunning as diamond jewellery with American diamond encrusted pieces. Now show off your glittery side with the Supershine White Gold Plated Ring Fashion Jewelery Embedded with American Diamonds. Easy to shop, all you need to do make this ring your own is place an order now!

This Supershine White Gold Plated Ring Fashion Jewellery embedded with American Diamonds is an extremely beautiful ring that will add more charm and glamour to your hands. This ring has a body that is encrusted with the choicest of American diamonds that offer superb cut and quality. The crystals are encrusted into a brass body which has been an exterior coating of white gold. This ring is available in the size 7. You can easily order this product for yourself by placing an order online. If you are not sure about your ring size, you can refer to the size chart given on the website to ensure that you order the right size. This ring is extremely beautiful and delicate. It is important that you take care of it to make it last long and look as good as new for a longer period. Make sure you remove it from your fingers before washing your hands, washing clothes or utensils etc. Also, the proper way of storage can help you retain its beauty for a longer period. Use a jewellery box lined with soft material to store this ring. Also make sure that your jewellery box is covered and has separate compartments. At times, when you leave your jewellery items in the open or leave them with other jewellery items, they tend to get discoloured. If you want to protect your ring from this kind of damage, it is important that you store it properly. This ring is extremely versatile in nature. You can wear it with any kind of outfit and to any kind of occasion. Pair it with formals and you can wear it to work. Pair it with Indian ethnic wear and you are ready for any kind of ceremonial occasion. If nothing, then wear it when you are in your casuals, and you will still look good. This ring is the perfect companion and accessory for all your outfits.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Supershine Jewellery, which is a reputed name in the world of fashion jewellery.

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Product Details
Colour Gold/White/White Gold
Metal Type White Gold Plated

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