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Sai Arpan Set Of 8 Designer Double Bed Sheets With 16 Pillow Covers

Sai Arpan Set Of 8 Designer Double Bed Sheets With 16 Pillow Covers

Brand Sai Arpan
Size Full
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Overview: Sai Arpan Set Of 8 Designer Double Bed Sheets With 16 Pillow Covers

The interior decor of your home is something that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and also adds to your own relaxation. Other than using various decorative items to add spunk to your bedroom, choosing the proper bed sheets also spices up the look of your interior. If you are planning to add variety to your collection of bedroom essentials, your search ends here. The Sai Arpan Designer Double Bed Sheets And Pillow Covers Set is the right product for you. Make optimum use of this exclusive set that comprises of 8 colourful bed sheets with 16 matching pillow covers. They have impressive designs and colourful hues in order to captivate you. Moreover, the high quality fabric they are made from ensures that you enjoy reclining in your comfort zone with ease. So, go ahead and buy the Sai Arpan Designer Double Bed Sheets And Pillow Covers Set online and make the most of it.

Material and Design:

The Sai Arpan Set of designer bed sheets is worth the buy. The 8 sheets are provided with matching pillow covers so that you have a well-coordinated home decor. With as many as eight varieties, you can experiment with the look of your bedroom. The bed sheets are manufactured using supreme quality poly cotton. They are durable and resistant to easy wear and tear. Moreover, they are soft and comfortable. You can recline in a super easy fashion on them. All the bed sheets and pillow covers are of appropriate dimension so that they fit double beds without any difficulty. The designs of the bed sheets are trendy and come in the classic floral pattern. They enhance the look of your interior and can be coordinated with any decor style. The bed sheets come in various shades of pink, violet, brown, beige, blue and other bright hues. The floral prints are bright and beautiful. All the sheets are designed with care so that they have a classy and coordinated look. Floral prints have always been in fashion and are impressive. They will give you a fresh and relaxing feeling every time you choose to lie back on your bed. Moreover, all the colours are carefully chosen to add a touch of variety and elegance to the ambiance of your room. You are sure to get complimented for your refined taste by the guests who visit your house. The bed sheets are light in weight and extremely comfortable. You can also use the set as a gift item for your near and dear ones. This will be a wonderful way to surprise them and will impress everyone with their utility and variety.

Care and Maintenance:

Sai Arpan brings to you a wide range of bed sheets in a variety of colour, design and pattern so that you can get the one matching your requirement. You can trust the brand to deliver quality product that will last long. These bed sheets are prepared using the best quality material so that they last long and are easy to maintain. With a little effort on your part, these are going to retain its colour and newness for a considerably longer period of time. Therefore, here have been listed few easy and simple tips so that you can conveniently maintain the product. You can hand wash or machine wash the poly cotton sheets using a solution of water and mild detergent. Do not use any strong detergent or harsh fabric cleanser. After washing, do not wring. Let it dry flat in an airy and shaded area. Do not expose to direct sunlight. You can iron the sheets at mild temperature, if required. It is vital that you choose a proper storage space for the sheets. Fold it appropriately, when not in use, and keep them in a secure place in your wardrobe. You can use naphthalene balls to prevent damage. By following these simple instructions, you can add further durability to the sheets and relax luxuriously on them.

Key Highlights:

Manufacturer: Sai Arpan

Brand: Sai Arpan

Material: Poly Cotton

Colour: Multicolour

Type: Double Bed Sheets with Pillow Covers

Package Content: 8 Bed Sheets with 16 Pillow Covers

Therefore, do not wait any longer. This Exclusive product will be an extremely valuable addition to your collection of bed sheets. The practical buy will add a lot of variety to your fundamental bedroom accessories. You can buy this set of 8 beautiful bed sheets with matching pillow covers with just a simple click of the mouse. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy the Sai Arpan Designer Double Bed Sheets And Pillow Covers Set online.

Product Details
Brand Sai Arpan
Size Full

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