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SainSonic Wifi Wireless Mobile Cinema DLP Projector for iPhone Samsung Galaxy

SainSonic Wifi Wireless Mobile Cinema DLP Projector for iPhone Samsung Galaxy

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Product Description

Smartphones are highly sensitive devices and hence require a lot of protection. You can install anti-virus software for protection of the device from malware and viruses. However, external injuries are a major threat and a common cause for malfunctioning in smartphones. This product is a unique offering from the reputed brand Generic and can protect your Micromax Canvas from all kinds of external injuries. This product has been made of high quality material which is highly resistant to daily wear and tear and can easily last you a long time. This cover has been specifically designed for the Micromax Canvas and it features a smart design that allows you to access all keys and buttons on your phone without having to remove the cover. The front panel of this flip cover has been given a soft lining on the inside so that it rests gently on your screen and protects it from scratches and dents. The back case has been made of sturdy material which can resist shocks and jerks from slips and falls. This mobile cover is easy to install and remove. All you need to do to install this cover is slip it on your phone's body. It is quite lightweight and hence will not add additional weight to the body of your phone. This cover comes in a pristine white colour and will make your phone look more elegant and beautiful.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Generic, which specialises in mobile phone covers, screen guards and other accessories.

This product can now be bought on at an affordable price. All you need to do is search for the product on the search bar on the website and find your product. Next place and order online and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

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