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Saleshop365 Insulated Bag Lunch Box With 2 Stainless Steel And 1 Plastic Compartment

Saleshop365 Insulated Bag Lunch Box With 2 Stainless Steel And 1 Plastic Compartment

Brand Saleshop365
Material Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Healthy lunches and snacks are important for children as well as adults. Carrying nutritious and healthy lunches to workplaces and schools is very important. You will be able to carry fresh fruits and healthy dishes as your office lunch only when you have proper lunch boxes. Nowadays, an Insulated Bag Lunch Box is highly in demand because of its exclusive features.


This lunch box set is made out of different fine quality materials such as plastic and stainless steel to ensure quality and durability. The containers are manufactured as per the strict quality standards in order to make sure no phthalate is released in the food. Thus, the containers are safe to carry your lunch or meal. The containers feature sturdy construction so that they can endure normal usage. These containers will not break easily even if any of them slips from your hands.

Design & Style:

This product comprises an insulated bag, two round shaped lunch boxes and a big plastic box, a spoon and a fork. The containers feature handy size and it can hold sufficient amount of food. The lids of the boxes are made of plastic material so that they are easy to remove. The best thing about this lunch box set is that the boxes are airtight so you can easily carry dishes like curry, raita, etc. The big box is ideal for carrying main food like rice, fried rice, chapattis or naan and noodles. The small containers can be used for carry crunchy vegetables and fruits. The insulation helps you keep the food fresh so that when you sit for lunch at your workplace you can relish it. The bag is spacious enough to accommodate these three lunch boxes, spoon and napkins. This lunch bag helps you carry lunch in an organised manner. The best thing about this lunch box set is that it can withstand high temperature and it can be used throughout the year.

How is this lunch box helpful?

Children get limited time in their school to have their meals. And mothers try to ensure that their little ones have fresh and healthy food so that they stay healthy and energetic. If the tiffin boxes are not air tight, then the food may not remain in a good condition. Therefore, it is advisable to use containers that are light weight and air-tight. The zip of this insulated bag runs smoothly so you do not have to worry if your kid will be able to open the bag.

Workplace is another place where you spend considerable time of the day. Therefore, it is advisable that you carry snack, fruits and your lunch in an organised manner so that you can have the food conveniently at your workplace. Carrying two or three lunch boxes separately is very difficult. Using this insulated bag will not only help you take your snacks and lunch in an easy manner but you can put other important things in this bag.

This Insulated Lunch Box also comes handy when you go for a long tour. School, college and university students, everyone can opt for this lunch box set in order to stay healthy. This box set weighs very low and it will fit in your backpack or handbag easily without adding any bulk to the bag. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy your lunch at your workplace, you should buy Insulated Bag Lunch Box online. Apart from buying this set for your personal use, it can be an excellent choice. It can be gifted to a friend, a brother, a sister or a colleague on any special event.


It is very important to take proper care of the lunch boxes and the bag if you want to enhance their longevity. They should be washed using mild detergent and soft cotton cloth or sponge. Wire mesh should not be used for cleaning purposes. Once the containers are washed, you can wipe them with a dry soft cotton cloth. Make sure that the insulated bag is completely dry before you use them.

Key Highlights:

Comprises lunch boxes, insulated bag, a spoon and a fork

Easy and convenient to carry

Keeps the food fresh

Air tight

Made of durable materials

Product Features

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents : 1 Lunch box
Product Details
Manufacturer Saleshop365
Manufacturer Part Number KIT_00134
Brand Saleshop365
Colour Name Multicolor
Material Stainless Steel
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 7 Days Seller Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

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