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Saleshop365 Jaipuri Razai ( Quilt) Natural Cotton Stuffed Colored Base - Single Bed Size

Saleshop365 Jaipuri Razai ( Quilt) Natural Cotton Stuffed Colored Base - Single Bed Size

Brand Saleshop365
Colour Yellow
Material Cotton Cloth
Size 55X82
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Product Description

Winter is that time of the year when we all are in a relaxed mood and a party mood. However, it is also important that you have the effective products that will aid you with beating the chilly weather. Quilts or razais are highly popular and are used in most of the houses to achieve the proper levels of insulation in the cold weather. If you are planning to buy a good quality quilt to ensure that you stay protected against the chilly weather in a snug manner this Saleshop365 Jaipuri Single Bed Quilt With Natural Cotton Yellow is the ideal item to possess. It has been designed using high quality materials and is stuffed with natural cotton wool to offer maximum insulation. It is sure to offer you long lasting protection against the cold weather. So, go ahead and shop online for Saleshop365 Jaipuri Single Bed Quilt With Natural Cotton Yellow in order to make the optimum use of it. Stay warm and cozy this winter.

Fabulous Features:

This Saleshop365 Jaipuri Single Bed Razai Or Quilt is stuffed with high quality cotton wool that works on the age old mechanism in an effective fashion to offer you with maximum warmth. The air trapped within the stuffed wool makes sure that you stay warm. The premium quality product is durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can use it on a regular basis without any difficulty. The Jaipuri Razai is ideal for a single bed size and fits in to size. It features a classic rich yellow shade with the traditional and exquisite Rajasthani Sangheri Print. The item is hand quilt for better performance. The fabric is soft against your skin and offers you with a pleasing and comfy feeling. It is also light weight and can also be carried with ease when you are travelling. Moreover, this is also an ideal gift item that you can present your loved ones with. The classy look and elegant design impresses one and all in addition to offering you effective warmth during extremely cold weather.

Care and Maintenance:

Sales365 features an exclusive range of high quality products that are not only long lasting but offer immense protection against the cold. You can go ahead and buy this item without having any doubts as the brand guarantees that the customers who opt for products from their range receive only high quality items and have a satisfactory experience. You simply need to invest a little effort on your part to add further longevity to the item. You cannot wash the product that has been stuffed with cotton wool. However, in order to retain the newness of the fabric, you can get a cover to wrap it up inside so that it stays unsoiled. It is also recommended that you let the quilt stay exposed to sunlight in a flat manner so that it continues to offer considerable warmth to you. Also, the cotton wool that is stuffed inside may clump with time due to prolonged period of usage. In that case, you need to consult a specialist and get the stuffed wool replaced with a new bunch. When not in use, it is recommended that you store the item appropriately folded within a secure area in your wardrobe. You can make use of naphthalene balls to further prevent any sort of damage. Simply adhere to these easy steps to look after the quilt and you are all set to enjoy using it for a much longer time period.

Key Highlights:

Manufacturer: Saleshop365

Brand: Saleshop365

Material: Cotton Cloth

Colour: Yellow

Type: Razai or Quilt

Ideal For: Single Beds

Dimensions: 55 x 82 Inches

Package Content: 1 Unit

Therefore, there is indeed no more reason to wait any longer. This valuable quilt is surely a practical buy that you must add to your bedroom essentials. It will help you to stay warm and snug during the chilly winters. You can own this exclusive quilt with just a simple click of the mouse. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy the Saleshop365 Jaipuri Single Bed Quilt With Natural Cotton Yellow online. You are all set to have a comfortable time resting using this premium product. Buy online. Order now. Do not wait.

Product Features

  • Color: Yellow, Size: 55X82 Inches
  • Material: Cotton Cloth
  • Package Contents : 1 Razai
Product Details
Manufacturer Saleshop365
Manufacturer Part Number Home_030
Brand Saleshop365
Colour Yellow
Material Cotton Cloth
Size 55X82
Item Package Quantity 1

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