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Saloni Net Floor Lamp (Red)

Saloni Net Floor Lamp (Red)

Brand Kraftinn
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Product Description

Aesthetic Design and Construction

Handcrafted to beautify your space with its subtle mellow lighting is this elegant Kraftinn Floor Lamp. The lamp has a tropical feel and a calmly presence. This floor lighting option can be placed at any corner to let the emitted light dance off the adjacent walls for a dramatic effect. It is quite tall and is hence able to disperse a larger quantity of light as compared to other traditional lighting options in the market. It looks exquisite with its simple and homely design. The lamp is constructed using four bars wrapped with a intricately woven bamboo net. This traditional technique of weaving is known as saloni (sieve) and is known to be highly durable. This intricate pattern allows light to penetrate through the tiny gaps to create a dreamy effect overall. The penetration of light also casts dainty shadows on the immediate surface area, which looks magical. Overall, the lamp looks rustic and has a natural feel to it. This decor accessory is doesn't use iron or metal nails, which adds to the durability of the lamp as this impairs the chances of corrosion or rusting in the future. This will avoid any visible and internal damage to the attractive netted surface. Also, the use of superior-quality bamboo makes it immune to termites and other wood infestants. As the lamp doesn't require wall installation or fixing with the nails, your interiors stay intact and unharmed. This lamp can be set up anywhere you please. Either on a table, floor area or positioned by a window. It looks resplendent at night when installed with a bulb that dispels mellow light and spreads a feeling of warmth across the room. You can place this lamp in a room where you wish to instil a cozy feeling into.

This lamp flaunts a deep red hue that looks earthy and elegant. It is designed to complement most styles of traditional and contemporary decor and hence is suitable for most home spaces. You can further enhance the look of the room by placing the lamp beside potted palms or bamboo mat. This Saloni Net Floor Lamp by Kraftinn is available for purchase online so it can be delivered right at your doorstep within a few days.

Product Details
Brand Kraftinn

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