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Samsun 23H4003 HD LED TV, black

Samsun 23H4003 HD LED TV, black

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Product Description

Bored of your small and boring television set on which you cannot watch movies or sports action in real quality and are tired of the lousy and boring streaming of media! Or have you moved into a new apartment and want to get the latest brand of TV with the best quality picture and which suits the richness and luxury of your new rooms and the newly designed place? Well, the perfect answer for you is the Samsung HD LED TV which meets all the richness and luxury requirements and also gives the best quality picture for you to enjoy your movies with. The Samsung HD LED TV is a great product from a very reputed stable, the world's largest consumer electronics maker and world leader, Samsung. The years of trust and great number of years of experience makes this products a unique one and a must have for all you people. The Samsung HD LED TV is also laced with a large number of features which make it different from the normal TVs and also make it more functional and great to look at. Besides running the channels and watching your favorite things in High Definition, you can also attach USB drives, tune volumes and movies, change audios and control all these happenings directly through the remote controller. A large number of other features make this product a unique and must have one.

Perfect size and fit

The size of the Samsung HD LED TV is a perfect 23 inches which makes it neither too big nor too small and perfect for the normal households who want to experience high quality things without going over the top in terms of features or price. The screen gives a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which make it very sharp and great for a viewing experience and you can easily host a movie at your place with your friends and have a good time with popcorn and cold drinks. The pixel ratio is comparable to any big and high end television set and is the perfect for a home watch, maybe even more. The TV fits perfectly anywhere in your home whether in the living room, personal room, bedroom or the drawing room, dinner room or any guest room for that matter. It can also be used in the meeting room if you are a frequent visitor there and should definitely install one there for spending some good time there or screen your presentations or any other things.

View movies from a variety of places

The large number of ports and attachments in Samsung HD LED TV make it possible to attach a large number of devices and view your movies from some external media and enjoy them sitting at your home. If you have a computer and are vary of watching the movies in small screens, you should definitely watch them in the Samsung HD LED TV by using a USB drive and then plugging it directly in the TV and accessing the inner contents. You can also use the HDMI port to get the pictures or videos from our mobile, camera or any other storage device and then view the contents directly on the TV in great quality and on a wider window as compared to the devices whose screens are very small.

Remote control for all things

You get to control all the functions of the Samsung HD LED TV using an easy and slim remote control which makes it very easy to manage the picture settings, tune the videos, change the modes and use it for many other functions. So these make the entire viewing process all the more convenient and useful for the viewers.

So if you want to own the Samsung HD LED TV, you can visit and order your own product to make your viewing experience all the more rich and enjoyable.

Product Details
Brand Samsung
Model Number 23H4003
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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