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Samsung 120GB 2.5" 840 EVO SATAIII SSD
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Samsung 120GB 2.5" 840 EVO SATAIII SSD

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  • Enjoy higher PC performance and fast data storage
  • Rely on robust design and high-quality components
  • Upgrade easily with the one-stop Install Navigator

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Product Description

Samsung 840 EVO SATA III SSD 120 GB 2.5 inch

If you have been waiting to buy the best storage device for all your storage needs, then your wait is over! Samsung brings to you the 840 EVO SSD hard drives which will solve all your storage needs in one go. There is no way you can go wrong with this new and advanced product from Samsung.

The hard disk has a storage space of 120GB which is more than enough for storing 1000s of songs and many movies on your solid state device. You can also store numerous image files or data files big or small on this hard disk drive. The SSD or the solid state device is an advanced hard disk which is very much better than other hard disks. The SSD is technologically advanced than regular disk based hard disks. The conventional hard disks have a magnetic disk inside them which is used to store and read data in the hard disk. With SSD technology, the hard disk is made using solid devices which remove the requirement of rotational disks in the hard disks. The storage is made up of semiconductor chips like memory card which sore huge amount of data. The absence of movable parts makes the access speed faster.

The hard disk provides very high read and write seeds from the solid state device storage. There is no need to waste time in rotating the disk and reaching the point where the data is stored. The SSD enables to access the data location by just passing the current and reading the required data point. The Samsung EVO 840 will be an upgrade to your PC and will refresh your PC speed. It provides very fast application loading and also reduces the boot time. The PC becomes much faster than normal after upgrading to the SSD hard disk. The applications are able to store and retrieve data much faster with the SSD device.

The device also comes with SATA III connection. The SATA III is an advanced data transfer protocol which enables very high data transfer speeds over normal data transfer bus. The SATA III supports the SSD by providing a high speed data transfer solution and utilizing the full potential of the SSD read/write speeds. The hard disk also provides data security with 256 bit AES full disk encryption and ensures the safety of your data at all times. The importance on data security is very high because your data should never go into wrong hands. So the hard always provides AES encryption to keep it safe.

The hard disk has a sequential read speed of up to 540 MB and a sequential write speed of up to 410 MB. The random read speed of the hard disk is 94 k and the random write speed of the hard disk is up to 35 k. these are among the highest speeds of access in the market for similar products. The hard disk is able to do so because of the Samsung's Turbo write technology which enable up to 3 times more read and write speeds than conventional hard disks and enable such high data transfer rates.

Apart from the technical specifications, it has a very robust design and the hard disk comes in a very sleek finish. The silver color gives it a very stylish look and makes it a very beautiful yet functional product at the same time.

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Product Features

  • Enjoy higher PC performance and fast data storage
  • Rely on robust design and high-quality components
  • Upgrade easily with the one-stop Install Navigator
Product Details
Size 120 GB
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number MZ-7TE120BW
Colour Name Titanium
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 3 year manufacturer warranty
Technical Specification
Interface SATA 3.0 Gb/s
Hard disk size 120 GB
Memory Storage Capacity 120 GB
Hard Disk Format 2.5 inch
Display Size 2.5 inches
Compatible Devices Others
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 43 grams
Product Dimensions 10 cm x 7 cm x 0.7 cm

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