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Samsung HS 3000 Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Samsung HS 3000 Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Colour Black
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Product Description

Bluetooth headsets have become a style statement and an inevitable gadget for all those who use mobile phones. We bring to you this exclusive Samsung HS 3000 Bluetooth black Headset which will be a very handy gadget for you. The product has a Bluetooth 3.0 version which enables you to talk without being connected with a wire to your phone. Using mobile phones or long time can cause severe health problems. The radiation becomes severe which can prove cancerous to your brain cells. It can also prove hazardous to your hearing abilities. Hence if you have long conversations on your phone it is high time you have brought a Bluetooth headset and this might be the perfect option for you. Samsung HS3000 is small and compact and it has a 3.5mm jack headset which enables you to use any headset you wish. You can control volume, sound modes, music and connectivity with this headset. It provides good sound quality. It is well adapted for you if you love to listen to music wherever you go. You can clip the headset to your shirt. The headset is quite compact and light weight. It can be very stylish because it is black in colour and has a sleek design. On the bottom of the headset is a micro USB port to which can connect an external memory. On the top is the slot for connecting headset audio jack. The power switch, volume rocker and sound mode button are other features of the headsets. You can control calls with the headsets. You can attend a call, disconnect a call and even access the previous dialled call and call back the last miscall with the headset. There are also options to raise or reduce the volume of a call and mute a call. In case you are driving, you can talk on your phone without so much of hassle. Call quality is one of the highlights of this headset. You can enjoy calls without any voice breaking. HS3000 has provision to indicate the battery charge as well. The battery life has been rated to have 7 hours talk time, 6 hours music play back and has a seven days standby time. You can pair this with any headset you like though the Samsung headsets are said to have to best effect. This headset can be used with any phone you prefer. The structure is relatively simple. It is a simple rectangle shaped object 2.1 inches long, .8 inches wide and .4 inches deep. The Talk button is prominently projected in the front side. The volume rocker and music keys will not let you down. HS3000 comes with three SoundAlive sound modes that will enhance your music: Normal, Instrumental and Vocal. Normal would play the default music while Instrumental would make the instruments sound louder than the accompaniment. Vocals elevate the voice above the other sound. The microphone would face you in the headset which enables you to talk easily while you are on the phone. The headsets have received positive reviews from the market so far.

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Product Features

  • Music streaming
  • Last call dialing
  • Volume Up & Down
  • Active pairing
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Manufacturer Part Number BHS3000IBECINU
Brand Samsung
Model Number HM 3000
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year
Technical Specification
Special Features In-ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 13 grams
Product Dimensions 53 cm x 10 cm x 22 cm

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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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