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Samsung Electronics BD-D5100 Blu-Ray Disc Player - Black (2011 Model)

Samsung Electronics BD-D5100 Blu-Ray Disc Player - Black (2011 Model)

Model Year 2011
Wattage 19 Watts
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Product Description

If you and your family are movie buffs, you know the issues with too much glare from the theatre and you must be looking for a better option today! From being accosted with multiple eye issues on account of severe exposure to unhealthy technology, to being unable to stop children from experiencing the outside as they stand risk to the issues that come with too much entertainment, the list is endless and fatiguing. In an attempt to correct these issues, we are now on a warpath to identify cleaner, greener technology, that can not only help put the health risks at bay, but also improve the viewer experience that matters so much to the world at large. The idea is to completely ascertain whether big meets well and find a way to compile the two arenas of requirement into one home entertainment unit. So, it's finally time to come together and enjoy those family nights with movies meant to rejuvenate, revitalise and make your world come together in the bliss of movies that warm your heart!

About the Product

The Samsung Electronics BD-D5100 Blu-Ray Disc Player - Black (2011 Model) is the high tech option to all your movie watching needs at home. From being a Blu Ray CD, DVD player, there is a lot to ask for especially since the whole world is now vying to have the experience of theatres in their homes because that's how advanced technology has become today. The Dolby TRUE HD Digital Plus technology makes every movie a high definition experience now, with a Wife feature on this player that lets you stream whatever you're watching here to the whole range of DLNA approved devices through the Ethernet and USB cable enhancements. This even has a quick connect option that helps you connect with your TV and watch your movies on the big screen with ease. The advanced sound efficiency on this device give you an unparalleled approval on the sound quality that makes sure you will not miss a single word while you watch! The Anynet feature lets you forget about using multiple remote controls for all your devices, enabling you to completely connect with anything you need and then use the same single control to enjoy your movie experience. On the whole a must buy for any movie fanatic, this Blu-Ray player is a sight for sore eyes!

About the Manufacturer

Samsung the brand, has slowly become synonymous with exceptional variety and quality delivery at reasonable prices. From learning to convert the needs of people into luxury goods that are available at prices that keep the trend growing without glitches, and developing new technology that keeps the consumers satisfied with the products for years on end, Samsung has slowly become the market leader in creating excellent technology at very convenient rates.

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Product Features

  • Built in Ethernet Port
  • USB Input, HDMI CEC, BD Wise
  • Multi format playback
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number BD-D5100
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Technical Specification
Model Year 2011
Wattage 19 Watts
USB Ports 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.5 kg
Product Dimensions 43 cm x 19 cm x 4.1 cm

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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     The Junglee experience 23 February, 2012 On
    I just got this player yesterday and it looks fairly ok. My point in writing this review is this: Amazon has recently launched this site, specifically for India and Indian buyers. Therefore, when displaying products like DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, mention should be made about the region coding of such players. I had thought that since this was an India specific site, the products would be compatible for Indian users. When my BD player arrived I found that that it was coded for Region A which is for the Americas and Japan etc. India comes under Region C. Similarly for DVDs also it is coded for American region. Luckily I found that most Indian Blu - ray Disc releases are compatible to all regions - A, B and C. So I am fortunate there. But if I come across a Region C only disc I wonder if I will be able to play it. Luckily I already have another player for DVDs and that is thankfully region free!

    Another point is the operating voltage. Most of the world uses 220 to 240 V whereas America uses 120 V. My player was made for 120 V and I noticed this just before I was about to plug it in! I then had to go out and get an adapter to up the voltage to 220.

    Other than this, it has always been a pleasure shopping on Amazon and that is why I decided to buy this product here, though I could have gone to the store next door and bought it for the same price. Here again I must mention that when you first see the product and the price mentioned in Indian Rupees it is very tempting. then when you choose the product and proceed to checkout, you are directed to and then they add the taxes and duties and shipping. Mercifully all that added up to less than the Indian seller mentioned!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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