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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Battery B600BC GT-i9500 2600 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Battery B600BC GT-i9500 2600 mAh

Compatible Devices Samsung Galaxy S4
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Product Description

Are you facing problems with your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery? If you are facing issues like sudden drop of battery charge, frequent charging, bulging of the back portion etc, and then you have to think about changing your battery. We are selling the best quality battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Advantages of buying good quality batteries

This battery is made from Li-Ion which is as per the company standards and obeys the OEM quality. It makes sure that your phone will get adequate power supply for its functioning. Ordinary batteries will cause serious damages to the phone. Suppose if you buy a low quality battery just for saving a small amount of money, then you have to regret in future. It is because low quality batteries will damage all the parts of your phone. First of all it cannot with stand charge like the original battery. You need to charge frequently to get it full. Some cheap batteries will not get fully charged even if you charge it for hours. Frequent charging of your phone will lead to its malfunctioning. The phone will get heated quickly and thus affects its board, processors etc.

If any damages occur due to it, you need to spend lot of money to get it repaired. Moreover such batteries tend to bulk within a few days. Sometimes it results in causing serious damages to the phone's hardware. Since Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the costliest and best smart phones available in the market, why cannot you spend a little bit money for buying a high quality battery?

Why this one is a great buy for you?

This battery is made from high quality lithium ion. Lithium ion is a material which is widely used for producing batteries for smart phones and tablets. The mobile phone manufacturers insist their users to use lithium ion batteries. It is because it can perform according to the likes of smart phones. Smart phones consist of high quality processors, ram, chipsets, sensors etc. All these things require power for its functioning. A good quality Lithium Ion battery can supply power for these devices according to the need. This battery is made from superior quality Lithium and Ion and make sure that it can supply power to the smart phone properly.

This battery can ensure longer life than any other batteries available in this category. It is because of its quality in manufacturing. You do not need to charge your phone frequently after using this one. This can perform like the battery you got when you bought the phone.

Low quality batteries tend to bulge within a few months which result in severe problems to your phone. This phone is free from such issues. You can definitely use it for a long time without the fear of bulging. In addition, the battery is manufactured according to the guidelines of the OEM. The ratings are given based on that. Due to that this battery is capable of giving around 600 to 700 charges which is simply great and much better than any other batteries in this category.

This 2600 mAh battery is capable to give the stand-by time and talk time mentioned by the OEM under the given conditions. To get the best life to your mobile phone battery, you need to take care about some things. It includes removing the charging cable after charging the battery to full. If you charge your battery after it is fully charged, it will result in reducing the life of the battery and also your phone. So please keep this thing in mind.

So if you are planning to buy a new battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4 which is very efficient, long lasting and cheaper, do not think twice. This is the best one for you. You can buy this high quality OEM quality battery from in a very good price.

Product Features

  • 2600mAH
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • OEM Quality
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number B600BC
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Samsung Galaxy S4

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