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DMM- Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 Screen Guard-Clear

DMM- Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 Screen Guard-Clear

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Product Description

Phones have morphed from simple communication devices to the most important gadgets of our lives. We use them for all kinds of communication - simple voice-calls, Internet calls, video conferencing, texting, and to access an array of social networking apps and websites. In addition, most of us also use our phone like little planners - storing addresses, to-do lists, jotting down important dates and setting reminders for future reference. They are also one of our favourite entertainment gadgets, we can play games for hours on them whether it is 4 pics 1 word, or temple run. That is to say, our phones have become more an extension of ourselves than a discrete object. Yes, we really do use them that often.

For this reason, most of us are also very careful with our phones. We try to be gentle while handling them, are careful not to place them screen down, and sometimes buy fancy flip covers to help preserve the longevity of our phones. But this usually isn't enough. Since they play such a large role in our lives, mobiles end up thrust in the same pockets as your keys, tossed into a hand bag with loose change, get left in a dollop of tomato ketchup or ice cream on a table in a restaurant, and the worst of all, dropped suddenly on the floor. Sometimes these accidents prove fatal. For minimal protection, however, buy a scratch guard. This will at least protect your screen from ugly scratches and wouldn't require you to get your touch-screen display fixed several times a year. Yes, there are countless threats to your phone's well-being in the world.

A scratch guard, like the Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 Screen Guard that is custom made for your mobile phone' s model, will serve your phone more efficiently than the generic ones that you get easily at mobile accessory shops. While those would likely be cheaper, custom made scratch guards will have a perfect fit for your cellphone's LCD screen, so chances of your scratch guard slipping or falling off will be minimized. This scratch guard is designed to resist forming those pesky little air-bubbles between the screen guard and the actual screen, so you can almost forget that it's even there. The scratch guard also comes with a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, for you to keep your screen in tip-top shape and use it all times. You should definitely invest in a screen guard for your phone if you don't have one yet. It'll make your phone a lot convenient for you to use, since you won't need to worry so much about keeping it safe and unharmed.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number Epresent
Brand Epresent
Model Number Samsung Galaxy Core i8262
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 18.8 cm x 10 cm x 0.4 cm

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