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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 FlipCover Black by DASHMESH SHOPPING
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 FlipCover Black by DASHMESH SHOPPING

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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 is a high end smart phone that many people long to buy. However, once bought, you can come across certain minor problems that can mar the sleek good looks of your cell phone and spoil it appearance to no end. The outer shell of the phone can lose its lustre, freshness and sleek good looks by fading, day to day wear and tear, and by the appearance of unsightly scratches on the case of your expensive hand held device. So it is highly necessary to keep your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 protected effectively against potential scratches as well as unexpected accidents by means of good flip covers. It is to save your mobile phone from such mishaps that Dashmesh Shopping has come out with an effective flip cover in black for the high end Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0.

Touch screen protection

Articles such as mobile phone covers as well as flip cases are particularly very important for the general quality as well as attractive good looks of your high end and costly smart phones. In particular, the display screen as also the back panel of the responsive touch screen in smart phones are highly sensitive to rough edges as well wet surfaces. A mere scratch might mar the quality of the display and lessen the innate value of your smart hand held device. Under the circumstances, before something untoward could occur to your cell phone, lace it all up by means of a compatible and well-fitting flip cover.

Features of Samsung-Galaxy-Flip Cover

Dashmesh Shopping's unique flip protector cover case in black is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 smart phone and as such it so conveniently offers a handy a replacement flip back cover that effortlessly clips into your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 Smartphone. This unique flip cover in black is easy to apply, has an extremely durable construction along with the finest quality. The front flap cover comes with a soft and smooth micro fiber lining on the inside that prevents your mobile device from getting scratched as also shields it against possible bumps and unseemly dirt.

The right choice

Actually, there are a several types of mobile accessories available in the market such as flip flap phone covers, leather covers, circuit cases as well as rubberised matte cases. However, in case you are out to buy a rough-and-tough hard case covers, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T-230/231 7.0 Flip Cover Black by Dashmesh Shopping is a good option. These fine flip case covers are always an ideal choice because it will not at all go out of fashion, ever. Along with this flip cover, making use of extra features such as a shock absorption bumper, anti-scratch back panel and air cushioning can provide additional protection for your Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number FBATAB47INCH
Brand Genric
Model Number Samung Galaxy Tab4

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