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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (Marble White)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (Marble White)

Product Specifications
Brand Samsung
Model GT-N7100RWDBTU
Operating System Android
Internal Memory 16.0 GB
Color Marble White
Display Size 5.5 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 8.0 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone
Cash on Delivery eligible
Dispatched within 2 days
Delivered only in Bangalore
Cricket Syndication Prod
Not yet rated

Customer Reviews on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 Mobile Phone

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1. 9 of 9 people found this review helpful
     dude it is awsome 23 November, 2012 On
    Dude dis phone is simply sooo awesome, dat u wont regret even a bit after buying this monster. I m using itfrom past 1 week but let me tell you that there isnt any lag at all in dis phone. Its got 2gb ram man how can it lagjQuery16401730921478010714_1353684663558 And samsung has given dis monster the best display ever. All in all this is the best phone available in the market if size isn't an issue for you.
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  2. 4 of 4 people found this review helpful
     Samsung Galaxy Note II 28 November, 2013 On
    Proceed larger or go house. That is certainly a proper rule for the Universe Observe II, which usually increases the main Universe Note's previously polarizing 5. 3-inch show with a category-busting 5. 5 inches width. (For those people rating at your home, the actual Kindle is 6 inches width. ) Which exact same rule applies to the actual efficiency as well as features of Samsung's follow up. The particular Observe II delivers quad-core electric power, Operating system Jelly Bean many advantages, as well as many new tips for the Azines Compose, getting much more capsule within this phablet
    Creating within the achievements of the unique Universe Observe (N7000), Samsung provides was able to fit a new 5. 5" Super-AMOLED screen within the Observe II. Conserving the initial S-Pen from the earlier iteration, as well as matching the actual outdated type with the extra gigabyte involving MEMORY, as well as an improved brand, available in 04, thirty two as well as 64 GB capabilities, many with mini SD hard drive, the actual Observe II would be the must-have phablet (phone-tablet) lately 2012.

    Positives: Enormous in addition to radiant high-def exhibit; Rapid quad-core functionality; Very much improved Utes Pencil; Dual-view multitasking option; Long battery power lifetime

    Downsides: Design simply too big for most shoppers; Video camera struggles inside lower light-weight; Utes Speech still thinks second-rate

    The Judgment: The Galaxy Be aware II will be the master connected with big-screen cell phones, incorporating quad-core energy, much-improved compose capabilities in addition to innovative new attributes.
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  3. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     About samsung galaxy note 2 6 September, 2013 On
    If you've ever fondled or caressed the original
    Samsung Galaxy Note and found its larger size
    too much to handle, we'll break this to you with
    a sledgehammer - the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is
    It's now 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4mm (5.9 x 3.2 x 0.4
    inches), so slightly up from 146.9 x 83 x 9.7mm
    (5.8 x 3.3 x 0.4 inches). That said, we didn't find it
    cumbersome at all.
    In the way the original Samsung Galaxy Note
    followed the Samsung Galaxy S2's square
    design, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 follows the
    Samsung Galaxy S3's more rounded rectangular
    And what a beauty it is. It actually felt slightly
    smaller to us in day-to-day use - but that may be
    down to the fact that we have gravedigger
    The Samsung
    Galaxy Note had a
    frankly amazing
    screen as it was,
    so would have
    taken some
    beating. But
    Samsung clearly
    likes a challenge.
    The size has gone
    up slightly from
    5.3 inches to 5.5. And although pixel density is
    reduced, we didn't notice it.
    This is the bright, vivid Samsung Super AMOLED
    panel that we all know and love - and what a
    beauty it is, replicating colours amazingly and
    immaculately. Side by side with the Samsung
    Galaxy S4, it may look a little less glam. But so
    will most phone screens.
    As expected, that screen takes up most of the
    front. You get a home button and two hidden
    soft keys beneath it as before, plus a front-facing
    camera and sensors up top.
    The handset itself has little to note (geddit?)
    around the edges. A headphone jack up top,
    power button on the right, volume on the left
    and charger port below, right alongside the S-
    Pen slot - more of which will follow later.
    Around the back,
    you'll find the 8MP
    camera with flash.
    The additional
    sorcery is carried
    out away from
    view. The
    expansion slot is
    beneath the rear
    cover - as is the
    microSIM slot,
    hidden behind the
    enormous 3,100 mAh battery.
    And there's a whole lot of goodness even further
    inwards than that: HSDPA ( LTE if you're extra
    lucky), NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and so forth. It's a
    veritable treasure trove of geekdom.
    One other thing we'd say is that this does feel like
    a quality Android smartphone/tablet. We're
    aware of the protestations by some readers
    (particularly iPhone users) that phones such as
    the Samsung Galaxy S3 feel like toys because
    they're so light and plasticky.
    At 183g (0.4lbs), you couldn't describe the
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as a feather - and the
    weight gives it a real notion of substance.
    If you want to pick a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 up,
    you'll need to be willing to part with some
    serious cash. Although it has come down in
    price. From around £530/AU$999/US$700 SIM-
    free late last year, just a few months on, you can
    pick one of these up for as relatively little as
    It is also available on contract, but be willing to
    shovel £40+ per month in the network's
    direction for two years if you'd like the handset
    gratis in the UK.
    Normally, this is
    where we'd talk
    about the
    alternatives on
    offer. But we
    admit, we're
    stumped here.
    Why? Well, in our
    mind, there is no
    clear rival. The
    Samsung Galaxy Note created its own category,
    in that there were no real phablets about before.
    And while you'll get the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
    operating system and similar benefits from the
    Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note
    10.1 (depending on whether you want a phone
    or tablet), the form factor is pretty unique. You
    can bring other larger handsets into the fold - like
    the Sony Xperia Z, for example - but they don't
    have an S-Pen or equivalent.
    In fact, the only real rival is the original Note - a
    worthy contender for that title because it's now
    available for a much reduced sum. Just £345/AU
    $500/US$450 SIM-free will get you one of those
    babies - and that makes it a very serious and
    credible alternative to its replacement, the Note 2.
    Though bear in mind, we are likely to see the
    Note 3 towards the end of the year, so the
    original will be way out of date by then.
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  4. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     The BEST ever !!!!!!!!!!! 7 September, 2013 On
    The samsung galaxy note 2 , the best mobile i ever seen my whole life . i currently use this phone . i can sure you no smart phone can beat the galaxy note 2 . :)
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  5. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Beast of a phone! 15 January, 2014 On
    Simply superb! I bought this phone last year with mixed feelings on whether it would be too big to use or just a waste of money...but trust me nothing came close to disliking it. A true partner when performance and reliability comes together. It multitasks your daily work with ease, draw like a pro with its waccom stylus and the quad core processor is a charm. I hardly use my laptop anymore this has replaced it! I guess this was worth the money spent. I am and yes I would recommend this product to everyone. The form factor is really good and the battery lasts to about 2 days when I am multitasking and upto 3 days when its not much in use. The 2GB RAM works like a chram without any lags. This is the best up to date phone till date and yes it has been updated to android 4.3.
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  6. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     The Best in Smartphones.. 9 January, 2014 On
    The new galaxy note two is tremendously awesome.. it has 32GB you get an opportunity to store all your favourites in a single phone.. it is available to you in three colours I.e. white, black, grey.. well white tops from all of three.. its camera is 8 mega pixel with a wonderful front is uniquely designed for all samsung lovers like me.. I enjoyed the joy of using galaxy note two . and would aldo suggest you to have a great expiernce with this smartphone.i have been using it since an year..I had the most beautiful experience with the phone.. and I just cant live without was really spending worth..the best part about the phone is the camera with the most clear n beautiful pictures.. jus love it like anything..
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  7. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     really smart 22 September, 2013 On
    samsung note series always have different feelings. I did use note 1 for 1 year then upgraded my self to note 2. i never seen a phone running so smooth and application. Build quality is good but the features and performance is awesome.
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  8. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     cool 9 August, 2013 On
    good looking, smooth touch, it like a whole world in hand, fastest speed,enjoying life,good sound,android,pictures clear,all functions have,its excitng,its explanation impossible
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  9. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Best Ever Made 24 March, 2014 On
    This is a fabulous phone. I think this phone has all features that we expect. It is being one year and still i have not given it for repair. It was not even for much money. It is a phone having most facility like it is android,all types of alerts,memory expandable to 64GB,bluetooth,WLAN...... and much more. I would espicially want to recommend to those who are buisnessmen. This phone will act as your partner for whole live.
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  10.  Best Phablet but not with time 22 October, 2013 On
    I bought this phone on 1st Jan 2013. I am using this phablet for the last 10 months.

    During my first 5 months, not even a single problem came.

    But when it is getting older and older its value gradually decreased as its problems gradually increased. Even though problems are there, the performance of this phone is at par level only.

    I am waiting for Android update for more than 3 months, even the low end devices got Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.3. Its really disappointing from Samsung.

    Even it is difficult to handle due to its larger size, it will be awesome to have a 5.5 inches display with 720 X 1280 pixel Super Amoled Screen.

    I have 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory, in which i can install any number of games and apps.
    I used to play Real Racing 3 and FIFA most of the time without any interruption.
    If i can play this larger games at par excellence then all the small size apps will be just as simple.

    I can connect my Pen Drive directly to my phone using a HDMI cable.Can connect Keyboard and Mouse and can be worked as a mini computer.

    If connected to internet,the speed will be always excellent even if it is 2G or 3G.

    With 8MP camera the photos are really wonderful and many more options are there to take photos at different mode like continuous shot,best photo, best face,smile shot, HDR,etc..

    The best thing with the camera is Full HD recording , everyone will wonder with the video from my mobile, because its clarity and quality.

    According to my usage, battery will withstand up to 2 days completely when using less internet and more calls and games.
    But it will drain within one day if i use internet more that too 3G.

    Now coming to the best feature of this phone S-Pen.
    With this you can draw, take notes, launch apps,preview,move,select,capture screenshot.
    If you use it it will turn you into a creative person.

    After buying this phone,each day i will figure some hidden features inside ,i will mention a few.

    Turn over the device(making it lie down with back-side up) to mute ringtone, pause media playback, or mute the FM radio.
    Shake the device to search for Bluetooth devices.
    Sweep your hand sideways across the screen from right to left to capture a screenshot.
    Cover the screen with a palm to pause media playback. Move it away from the screen to resume.

    Only few i have mentioned ,lot more there,you found it on your own.

    Problems i faced: I installed more than 200 apps at a time and make this beast to suffer for some time.

    Contacts and messages will not be available some times .

    Sometimes my 1 TB HDD wont connect with my phone.

    All things cleared once i updated my Android from service center.

    Now the phone price drops each month because of its successor arrival.
    Even now it will be a competitor for others in the smartphone market.

    This is the 2nd best Business phone after Note 3.
    If you want to be different from others then go for it.
    Surely it will change you as a superhuman.:)
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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  1.  Useful Interesting Features of Galaxy Note 2, rather than the common features
    there are loads of other interesting stuffs that any TECH SAVY person will like a lot!!!

    After buying this Galaxy Note 2 , i had been trying to figure out the extra features that this beast offers in excess to the mentioned above ones.
    Some of them are as follows:

    -First of Read more
    Published 1 year ago by ankit On
    A worthy mobile for the price tag..
    battery makes us an mad to use the mobile full time... kudos to the batter y and the stylus make us style...
    good for the price from samsung.. Top class mobile .. Mobile with Good internet connectivity and Good memory back up. OTG usage is best one when compared Read more
    Published 1 year ago by Ramdasse On
  3.  Very robust phone
    It almost replaced my laptop.

    Pro -
    1. Battery life
    2. Performance. Never had any lag issue
    3. Durability
    4. Camera. Very good for a mobile.

    Con -
    1. Looks. All samsung phone looks the same
    2. Touchwiz.
    Published 2 years ago by Rituparna Kashyap On
  4.  I want to buy this product but the option is not showing
    I want to buy this product but the option is not showing I want to buy this product but the option is not showing Published 2 years ago by Subhash On
  5.  Amazing phone
    amazing phone i ever seen . its have very big screen with very high resolution . its work great . it is very helpful in editing documents , good battery back up and best gaming if you want to have, u can buy it fearlessely , phone is great to have Published 2 years ago by Abhishek On
    The samsung galaxy note 2, a true value for money, worth of every penny!

    The amount which you're paying, in return you're actually getting more from samsung note 2. And yes, of course, it is made by samsung, a company that was in trouble, now really "Rising" like a Star! At the Read more
    Published 2 years ago by NISHU On
  7.  These are Giants like the giants of Clash of clans
    The Best ever smart phone i have used since 1 year,Gorgeous screen & Camera,Awesome battery life.Love to edit pictures with S-Pen.Like to watch movies in the big screen.Speaker sound is also good.Business applications and games run butter smooth.Just 1 line."Do have a Note-2" Published 2 years ago by Piyush Chhapadia On
  8.  Good ph to buy
    About Samsung Galaxy Grand 2., I have been using this product for about 25 days.,So far i haven't noticed any kind of lags or issues. Got two a firmware update. My device is running perfectly.Mobile looks premium in hands and battery life is excellent(Getting 1+ Days). With heavy usage, will get 1 full Read more Published 2 years ago by Vikash On
  9.  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (marble white)
    NOTE 2 is a very good 'less' handy device with excellent features.DISPLAYIts display is just awesome having HD quality with around 5.5 inches display as well as it is made up of gorilla glass.Touch is also very smooth.CAMERAIt has two cameras-primary being 8 MP and front being 1.9 MP.Primary Camera has Read more Published 2 years ago by Cheryl pereira On
  10.  Best Ever Made
    This is a fabulous phone. I think this phone has all features that we expect. It is being one year and still i have not given it for repair. It was not even for much money. It is a phone having most facility like it is android,all types of alerts,memory expandable to 64GB,bluetooth,WLAN...... and much Read more Published 2 years ago by sakshar On