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Samsung J5 3.5mm Earphone - Black

Samsung J5 3.5mm Earphone - Black

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Product Description

Enjoy crystal clear sound with the Samsung J5 3.5 mm Black Earphones. The Samsung J5 has an in ear noise reducing quality that allows you to take calls and listen to music on the go while cutting out any interfering external noise. The hands free headset buttons allow you to take calls while performing other functions thus helping you towards your multitasking best. The J5 has an inbuilt high quality microphone for receiving calls and a one touch call receive button. The sleek black look and the subtle in ear size makes the Samsung J5 a classy and yet fun ear piece. The ear piece is ergonomically designed for that perfect fit, comfortably sitting in your ear. The Samsung J5 is an essential accessory to your Samsung phone and it also doubles up as a brilliant earphone for your mp3 and other music players.

Product Features

The Samsung J5 Black Earphone has an in ear application which keeps the headphones secure during movement. The sound quality is crystal clear. The earpiece has been intelligently design to fit comfortably into your ear while reducing external noise. The Earphones are capable of emitting strong bass and stereo sounds and has a very high volume range according to your listening needs.

The J5 is primarily a high function hands-free headset. Manage your calls easily using the built-in the answer/end key. Take your calls on the go with a one touch function that cancels the hassles of a hand set. Your hands remain free as you talk allowing you to perform other functions and multi task. The Samsung J5 has a three button panel on the wire for the one touch function and for volume control. Easily adjust the volume by pressing the + -buttons. The Panel also doubles up as the microphone thus increasing the subtlety of the earphone as compared to an earpiece attached microphone. The microphone is of a high quality designed to pick up your conversation while minimizing external unwanted sounds.

The Samsung J5 is a lightweight earphone set designed for a comfortable fit. The ear plugs fitting into the ear canal are made of silicon, providing a comfortable fit and further helping reduce ambient environmental noise. The wires are made of flexible material making them durable and tear free. The earpiece itself is branded with the J5 logo for that zesty look. The Samsung J5 is compatible with all Samsung Mobiles & MP3 players with a universal 3.5 mm audio jack. The J5 is also compatible with a range of other phones and mp3 plays making this the one stop earpiece for all your audiophile needs. Your Samsung J5 Black Earphone comes with a 1 Month Seller Warranty.


Care for your Samsung J5 Earphone is simple and easy. Once done with its usage dust of any grime or dust that may have collected. The body may be wiped with a clean dry cloth. The silicon earplug is an easy clean wipe off. It is recommended that you do not use a wet cloth or any detergent based cleaning agent on your earplugs.

About the Brand

Samsung is a world-class corporation with businesses that span advance technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemical, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels and more. Samsung is widely considered one of the leading manufacturers of mobile technology and mobile telephony related products. It is one of India's most trusted brands with an ever increasing market in mobile technology.

Product Details
Brand Samsung
Warranty 1 Month Seller Warranty

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