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Samsung 192L 5 Star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192L 5 Star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator

Brand Samsung
Model Number RR1915RCAVL/TL
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Overview: Samsung 192L 5 Star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator

In any house, there are a few things that one needs to have compulsorily. One of them is the refrigerator to keep the food, vegetables and fruits fresh. It is never an easy task to store food in a house and keep them fresh for a considerably long time. Depending on the budget and the requirement, Samsung, world's one of the leading electronic gadget and items manufacturer has introduced the direct cool series of refrigerators wherein there are single door and double door options to choose from. The Samsung 192L 5 star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator is one such item that is budget friendly and easy to use as well.

Product Description

The Samsung 192L RR1915RCAVL/TL single food refrigerator is blue in colour with floral patterns on top, has a 5 star rating that has been awarded by BEE which makes the refrigerator as one of the most ideal energy efficient refrigerators aiding in saving of electricity and running cost. There is no need to buy a separate stabiliser since the Samsung Direct Cool refrigerator series have built in stabilisers. The refrigerator has a lock and key option where the door can be kept locked to keep the children from opening the door every often and a stylish bar handle which helps in opening the door smoothly. The refrigerator has been aesthetically making it glamorous and charming to look at. Shop online for it today!

Product Features

The Samsung 192L 5 Star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator has the following features that make it one of the most useful models in refrigerators to use:

Capabilities of sustaining a wide range of voltage fluctuations owing to the robust compressor that can operate smoothly even in situations where there are issues with the voltage.

The cool pack is an innovative addition to the refrigerator that helps in delaying the rise in temperature when the power is switched off for up to or more than four hours at a stretch. It helps in maintaining a low temperature inside the refrigerator which helps in safeguarding the food that is kept inside from getting spoilt quickly even when there is a power cut.

There is a fresh tech kit which is unique and helps in eliminating the bad odour from the refrigerator and keeps it smelling fresh. This helps in keeping the food, vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time.

The glass shelves inside the refrigerator are made of toughened glass. They do not break even if they are dropped on the ground. As these are not made with any heavy metals, these are completely safe to use and dry food stuff up to 150 kg can be kept on them.

There are both big bottle and small bottle guards on the doors. Big bottles up to 2 litres can be kept in the big bottle guard space while the small bottle guard space can be used to keep sauces, pickle and jam bottles. These are spacious but guarded enough not to let the containers topple over.

The chilled room in the refrigerator offers a smarter option for storage of food by maintaining equal temperature inside and retaining the freshness of food for longer time.

The Samsung refrigerator has a rust resistant body with a high gloss finish.

The anti fungal door gasket helps in preventing the building up of fungus inside the refrigerator.

The refrigerator has a gross capacity of 192 litres with the freezer.

Online shopping of Samsung Refrigerator

Like any other electronic items, now-a-days, refrigerators can also be bought online. The Samsung 192 litres 5 star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator is available to buy online and is delivered at home. It makes the process of shopping a lot more easier and saves times as well for people who are working late and do not find the time to shop.

Features: Samsung 192L 5 Star RR1915RCAVL/TL Single Door Refrigerator

  • 192L
  • Single Door
  • 5 Star
  • Direct Cool
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number RR1915RCAVL/TL
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded_Electric

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