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Samsung 600L 5 Star RS21HSTWA1/XTL Side By Side Door Refrigerator-Camellia White

Samsung 600L 5 Star RS21HSTWA1/XTL Side By Side Door Refrigerator-Camellia White

Brand Samsung
Model Number RS21HSTWA1/XTL
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Product Description

The Samsung RS21HSTWA1 is a side by side refrigerator in white. There is a beautiful pink floral design on the door of this appliance. Side by side refrigerators are generally larger than single door fridges. This Samsung refrigerator too has large storage space. There are various other unique features of this refrigerator and it has a capacity of 600 litres. There is an LED display on the door and this makes it easy to control the refrigerator. There are LED lights within the fridge to ensure a better and clearer view.

Big Box, Wine Rack and Gallon Guard allows you to store loads of foodstuff

Storage boxes, like the Big Box in this fridge, are larger in comparison to those in other refrigerators. You can thus store lots of vegetables and fruits within this box. The Gallon Guard supports bigger bottles. There is a Wine Rack and it can be used to store wine at an optimum temperature. this rack is foldable so that you can use it as a full depth rack. These three features take care of all of the storage needs and you can stock lots of fruits and vegetables for convenience of usage.

Twin Cooling system keeps food fresh

The Twin Cooling system is a unique feature that maintains airflow within each of the chambers within the refrigerator on an individual basis. The air within the fridge stays humid to maintain the state of stored foods' and the air within the freezer stays dry to maintain the condition of frozen foods.

The Multi-flow technology helps in even cooling of foodstuff

The Samsung side by side refrigerator incorporates the Multi-flow technology. It helps in maintaining an optimum and an unvarying temperature within the fridge. Foods stored in every compartment and on every shelf stays equally cool and fresh.

Deodorizer maintains odourless interior

Storing vegetables, fruits and raw fish and meat can result in bad odour within the fridge. Deodorizer helps in eliminating such smells, thereby keeping your fridge smell free and the foods fresh.

Product Features

  • 600L
  • Side By Side Door
  • 5 Star
  • Frost Free
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number RS21HSTWA1/XTL
Colour Name Camellia white
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded_Electric

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