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Brand Samsung
Model Number RT77KBSL1/XTL
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If you are bored with your old refrigerator then Samsung has the right product for you. The newly designed SAMSUNG RT77KBSL1/XTL is one of the best products from Samsung. The amazing reviews of this refrigerator have paved its way among the best refrigerators in India. When you plan to buy refrigerators online compare prices on Junglee and consider buying this refrigerator by Samsung for its advanced features and wonderful design.

Samsung RT77KBSL1/XTL comes with a digital LED display.The real-steel metallic finish of the body gives an elegant and polished look to the fridge. Equipped with features like Cool Curtain System, Humidity Control and Coolever Zone, this refrigerator is extremely advanced and gives intelligent cooling. Samsung RT77KBSL1/XTL refrigerator comes with a separate CoolSelect Zone. It is an independent drawer in the refrigerator, which functions as a refrigerator inside the fridge. This refrigerator is enabled with four separate modes which can be controlled according to the needs of the stored food item.

The Cool Curtain System and Multiflow direction of cooling helps keep food fresh by facilitating an even cool-air flow. The Cool Curtain System is a technology invented by Samsung and is completely unique by nature. Where most refrigerators provide cooling from the back, the SAMSUNG RT77KBSL1/XTL provides cooling in a three-dimensional way. In this system, cool air descends down from the top and is also spluttered from sides through cool boosters. The feature that makes this refrigerator a true star is the external dispenser. This amazing dispenser will allow you to get chilled water whenever you want, without even opening the refrigerator door. The refrigerator part is equipped with three glass shelves, one spill-proof shelf and two vegetable and fruit drawers. This means that you can now store fruits and vegetables in two separate drawers.

SAMSUNG RT77KBSL1/XTL has a freezer which houses one tempered glass shelf and one normal glass shelf. The freezer door comprises of two transparent glass pockets for easy storage of jars and other smaller food items. This refrigerator is stylish and will prove to be extremely useful for any household. Junglee make shopping online an easy task by offering comparisons in prices. When you shop online for home appliances visit Junglee to get the best deals on the product you choose to buy.


Refrigerators are indispensable home appliances, thanks to the cooling and storage facilities they offer, thereby making the task of keeping food items fresh really easy. Samsung is an established brand manufacturing innovative and durable electronic appliances to meet the daily requirements of every consumer. The Samsung RT77KBSL1/XTL is an innovative creation from this manufacturer. It has several modern features and functionalities that makes it a good choice for your kitchen. If you want to buy this refrigerator online, you should search on and compare Samsung refrigerator price offered by the different retailers listed here to get the best deal available.

Cool Curtain keeps food items fresh and cold

For most conventional refrigerators the cold air enters the fridge compartment from the rear. Therefore, keeping food cold in the door racks or at the front of the refrigerator is difficult when the appliance is crammed. The Cool Curtain system blows a blanket of cool air from the top of the appliance to cool the food evenly in all the front and rear compartments. Cool boosters on the side of the Samsung fridge ensures that your food stays optimally chilled. The feature allows your food to get three dimensional cooling action throughout.

Multi Flow Technology maintains even distribution of cold air throughout the refrigerator

The Samsung refrigerator RT77KBSL1/XTL utilises Multi Flow technology. In this innovative technology, even distribution of cold air ensures your food remains fresh for a long period of time. Each shelf comes with air ducts, therefore, when the cold air is released from the rear of the machine, these ducts equally distribute the air. All food items like dairy products, fruits, vegetables and meats remain germ free and cold.

Silver Nano Technology ensures a germ free experience for users

The Samsung RT77KBSL1/XTL comes with a Silver Nano Technology. This technology helps the appliance to eliminate germs and odours from the refrigerator. The technology helps in the creation of a germ free zone so that your food stays healthy and fresh.


  • Double Door
  • 570 l
  • 401 l & above
Product Details
Manufacturer SAMSUNG
Brand Samsung
Model Number RT77KBSL1/XTL
Colour Name Real steel
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded_Electric

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